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Rules and such

 3D Divas

diva > (italian) female deity
deus > (latin) means a god
devi > (hindu) the female energy/essense of the God, also a goddess
diva > a female version of a hustla , according to Beyonce! ;)

The basic sense of the term is 'goddess',
just like all women are.
Divine females,
cute and funny,
sexy beauties,
attractive and fancy,
breathtakingly curved,
angelic forms,
dangerous creatures..
Women. Females. The mystery of the Universe.
:iconbummy1:Welcome on 3Ddivas:iconbummy1:

:bulletpink: WANNA JOIN?
> You must be a 3d artist. Otherwise, you 're welcome to watch us and still be able to get notifications from our group!
> We 'll take a look at your gallery and review your membership request!
We require a number of -at least- 10 suitable, completed & artistic renders for our collections.
In case you don't have them, you can still sit back and watch us, by pressing the 'Watch' button on the top right of our homepage.
> Once you 're in, be sure to read the submission rules in this box.

:bulletred: Extensive or DA watermarks (discreet signatures are acceptable)
:bulletred: Men characters ( they will be accepted in the 'Couples' folder though). Trans women wont be accepted as well.
:bulletred: Fetish renders (no handcuffed, captive, or bounded women, even if they are happy with it). Also renders with violence / blood / too macabre or insulting to any religion.
:bulletred: Women with super-sized and un-natural breasts/body parts or bodies are not welcome as well. Also women too masculine and women that look more as creatures than humans (including centaurs).
:bulletred: Images that are degrading or offensive to women in any way.
:bulletred: ! ! ! Nudity must be artistic, we don't accept porn or scenes depicting explicit sex ! ! !
:bulletred: We will not accept LITTLE PONY renders.
:bulletred: A series of the same render wont be accepted. A number of 2 or maybe 3 similar is accepted, but not more! If you really feel you want to submit everything, then put them all together in one image.
:bulletred: Low quality renders, too noisy or unfinished in any way, bad posed characters, floating figures, etc will be rejected.
We want you to try and submit your best! :aww:
:bulletred: WIP or Test pics, figures without a background, stock renders will be declined.
We want to see completed & artistic renders!
:bulletred: Shortest side of the image must be at least 720px!
:bulletred: Make sure your submission is not set to Watchers Only!
We can't review your submission if we can't see it!
:bulletred: We like seeing 100% 3D renders in here, but we understand this isn't always easy or necessary. So, if you're gonna use a 2d background image, make sure it blends with your render!!

:bulletgreen: Please check our Journal for the categories we host in our Gallery
Rules and Folder info of 3Ddivas!

:iconbummy1:Welcome on 3Ddivas:iconbummy1:
The submission limit is set to 1 per day (per folder)
From June 2016, 3 folders will be available for you to submit your renders:
:bulletgreen: June 2016 (all your renders in here please!)
:bulletred: Artistic Nude (All nude renders in here please, otherwise they will be declined!
Make sure they're artistic and not just nude)
:bulletpink: Feature Theme / Mini Contest: you need to check our Journal montly to see what's the current theme.
We promote your art in the community by making Art Features every month,
and we also give you a small reward! :la: :points:
:bulletyellow: Resources (for freebies, textures etc. Submit only if you share them for FREE!)
Then, they will be pushed to their appropriate folder by us.
:bulletred: Extensive or DA watermarks (discreet signatures are acceptable)

~ Have fun rendering! :pc: :happybounce:

:bulletgreen: BubbleCloud :bulletgreen: jim373 :bulletgreen: Silvinx :bulletgreen: pnn32 :bulletgreen:


Gallery Folders

Felina and Fredda - Selfie 1 4 by nexrenders
Veronica, Lena, Ashley by Vizzee
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Mature Content

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Render Of The Week Challenge
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Veni Vidi Vici by RGPC
A Dream of Autumn by joejarrah
- SPRING 2021 -
Warmful summer memories by pnn32
Queens of the Elements  WATER by LulaDoll
Untitled 036 by ShuY83
No pasaran (They shall not pass) by deepred6502
- WINTER 2020 -

Mature Content

Danny Girl by Rtesian
Music by Lamst
Sadness by ShuY83
Kendra Thomas Simply Glamour 001 by reaperdaddy71
- FALL 2020 -
Nar Shaddaa Nights by ThreeElves
Bikini Beach 5--Hold That Pose by Poses17
Charlene by Pizzaundbier
Heroine Cassandra by lm3d
- SUMMER 2020 -
Kendra Thomas Red Stockings 003 by reaperdaddy71
Daniella- Pole Dance by G-abi-K
Tina the fit girl by totocandy1
Annika and Khristina by lm3d
- SPRING 2020 -
Street Angel by R-Sva
VA2020: New World by valzheimer
Bikegerl by Gluck4012
April by Vizzee
Pin Up n' Vintage

Mature Content

La Parisienne by black-Kat-3D-studio

Mature Content

The Easter Bunny by JVRenderer
Fumiko with a beach ball 3 by Lynxander

Mature Content

Pearl von Peeps by mrflamer
Hot n' Sexy I
Over the head by legendeld
Eyes on You by RobF4
Introducing Audrey Marie by RobF4
Photo Shoot by RobF4
Hot n' Sexy II
Eileen-PinupGirl by G-abi-K
Anaiya 01 by BubbleCloud
Artistic Nude - ALL NUDES HERE

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Irina Chair Pose 2.1 by peterchu69
Ladies with Guns - Warriors

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Valkyria Concept by raystorm41
Fantasy - Bright
Mother Nightingale by 3Dhealing
Fantasy - Dark and Goth
In The Library by TritiumCG
Super Heroines and Fan Art
Big Trouble in Squirrel Town by mekheke
Sci Fi and Steam Punk
Recreation by Lamst
Emotive, Medieval, Romantic
By the Piano by JVRenderer
Asian - Folklore - Ethnic
VA2020: Juju by valzheimer
Tutorials and Free Resources
Drone Orca for DAZ Studio by amyaimei
Everyday Life
Home Sweet Home by JohnMyth
Animes and toons
By the Pond by Ertle2

Mature Content

Office Romance by black-Kat-3D-studio

Mature Content

2020 Easter Special - Syndori - Naughty Bunnies by Angelblade69
EOSW1 Turntable (Scarlet Witch) by zer05ivedigital
Artistic Nude I - Archived

Mature Content

20170709 by haneto
Summer 2019 by R-Sva
3D Divas Summer Contest 2018
Summer by MayaMiarka

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