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Sackboy: rebel pilot

And another 3d work done for a mini competition.
This time the goal was to create a sackboy with a different costume.
I decided to make this X-wing pilot sackboy, from star wars.
the poly limit was 2000 triangles.

2 evenings for the model, 2 days for the texture, 1 day of rigging and rendering.
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I hope they make a costume pack like this. they really should
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You did all that with the 512 diffuse limit? That's amazing. My teacher is making our class do this year's sackboy contest. When he told us this assignment, I was thinking about doing exactly what you have here when he showed this one to us. I was all "dammit!" Lol.

Here's mine. Dunno if you have seen it on GA already. [link]
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Nice one :D Sorry for taking the idea.

Yours looks good, did your entire class join?
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Haha, it's no trouble. I had a lot of fun with my Ken Dryden idea, anyway.

Yep, the whole class. Which explains the 70+ entries this year. 25 of them are ours.
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That's a really nice effort from all of you! good to see there's some teachers giving good classes and having their students participate in the community, my compliments
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It was fun. I hope to participate in more competitions.
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Is this made in 3DS MAX? I was wondering if you rigged it with the "biped" or if you made the whole skeleton by yourself. Anyway, it's gorgeous!
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Thanks for the good words man.
It's made in 3dsmax, textures in photoshop.
I made a new rig with bones, very simple and limited though.
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i would KILL for check out your original file! I'm working myself on a 3D game as a personal project, and I'm having issues with the rigging. But my characters are humans, and I'm trying to rig each finger and all the stuff.

I made a skeleton (like 60 bones +/-) and it's working properly, but my main problem comes with the Skin modifier. And now I see your little figure, working 100%. It's really nice!

I accept suggestions!
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this should so be a sackboy pack!
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i wish :D
Do you know if there's a way for users to upload their own 3d models into the game?
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I don't know of any ways, but I suppose it's possible
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are you saying you designed that?? even the helmet?? and you can use that design in the acual game???
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unfortunately i didn't design it, it's from that little movie called star wars.
The competition was about making a sackboy in 3d (from the little big planet game) and make it look like a character from somewhere else, either your own design or something out of a movie or game.

So i made the model in 3d and made the color for it.

Is there a way to get your own models into the game? That would be great :) though i'm not quite sure if it would need a copyright license or not since its from an existing design
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I didn't mean "is it your original design?". lol I ment "was it pre-made?"
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Aah :D my bad, sorry for that.

It was made from scratch.
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:jawdrop: what CAN'T you make on Little Big Planet???
oh, and you're not entirely sure you can play the actual game with the stuff you custom make like that?
btw - very impressive! ^_^
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Hahaaaa how great man, great workk haha looks funny and reall good, nice character would be great to see it animated.
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I do have it rigged up.. so maybe.. :D
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Great man, eager to see it and to work on any project you want to do with it.
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nice idea. I like that game.
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