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Four wheels? We'll take it!
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Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:
(the NSFW stuff has since been removed but the gallery has been wiped out)
Is this group stills alive?
Hi, I drew this audi rs7 but do not know if it fits in this group 3d-wise. I did not find any other group though, so any suggestion would be much appreciated as to where this might fit in to. thanks in advance :) and greetings!

Audi Rs7 by Muchico
Thanks for accepting 
Thanks for accepting my cars! :D
This group is a piece of crap!