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Eruadan 765 by 0Snow-White0
Dangerous Journey by 0Snow-White0
4ring789 by 0Snow-White0
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Flamenco Bowsette by Zincau
Covergirl Model Portrait Render by 12CArt
Dream by pooh-1968
Angry Sprite Hellena by Saphirewild43
Evan Almighty IRay by Saphirewild43
Kickaha in Drachenland by FyraNuanser
The Dark Lord Character by 12CArt
Lazy Mornings by galidor
MDD Iliumi YVas by sawill77

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Mirror, Mirror: Phaewryr by FyraNuanser
Ritch: The Macawnivore .:OC:. by James6357
Mage's Apprentice by TheNerdyView
Storytelling and Groups
Angel The Goddess Warrior by Saphirewild43
Summoned by JelenaEllethil
Harvest Moon by Capt-Flashback
On The Trail by MrKn33l
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Cats and Gods by Capt-Flashback
Autumn Smells by Dakorillon
Horse Portrait Dec 2018 by 12CArt
Frozing Winter by FEIX3D
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RE:Scan v.2 by Monkeshii
Lost Cameo by pooh-1968
Vapour Gate by Monkeshii
Freddie by EbruKash
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Retrowave Drift by GothicGamerXIV
Hello Fish! by greendragon-gecko
Dark Red 57 Chevy by scifigiant

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Bathing time by pnn32

Mature Content

DAZ3D CGI Centerfold Model ARTISTIC NUDE by 12CArt

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Kaleb by Kismet2012

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On the knee, the worm. by pooh-1968
Action Thriller

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Just a job. by koshnika

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Skull Hacker by RemorseC0de

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PCat by Zincau
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Gothic Candelabra by BenFlex
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Hello, Revolutionaries!

It's time for one of our occasional journal entries. In this one, we'd like to cover a few things that have recently come up as problematic within the group.

We try very hard here to manage the group without being too heavy-handed on censorship. That being said, there are things that are not acceptable within 3D Revolution's galleries. We try to make sure that our rules set is very clear as to what sort of material is and is NOT acceptable here.

One point of contention is frequently within the nudes/sexual content folder. This is an area which is very difficult to manage sometimes. We have found it necessary in the past to remove some artists from the group due to consistent submission of unacceptable content. While we try not to repress an artist's personal expression, we also do not wish to be a platform for expression of objectionable content or hate. Violence just for the sake violence, is not acceptable. Sexual scenarios that appear to be involving underage characters is unacceptable.

Another common point of contention here is the BDSM/fetish genre. There are tasteful ways to express this. However, to date, we have seen this genre mis-used on a regular basis. If you do BDSM-themed art, please try to make sure that your images clearly depict consenting adults who are having fun, rather than being forced.

Dubcon (dubious consent) is really borderline, and often falls too far into non-consent to be allowed into our gallery. All BDSM artwork MUST depict consenting adults who are there of their own free will and enjoying themselves. If we are not comfortable with the artwork, we will decline the submission.

Each image is handled on a case by case basis by the staff. While we try our best to make sure the group is enjoyable for everyone, sometimes things do slip through. When this happens, we do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Please understand that our staff is international. We are in different time zones and different countries, and sometimes it may take us a little longer to appropriately resolve an issue than it does in groups where the staff are all fairly local to each other.

As one of our members did recently, if you find an image that is in the objectionable category, PLEASE feel free to message us and bring our attention to it. It's entirely possible that it slipped through or didn't cross our radar as a problem. We have a few different people who handle image submissions, and sometimes what we see as problematic is different between us. Sometimes things get through that shouldn't. We aren't perfect; we're human and all we can do is try our best to maintain a positive environment for the group and it's membership.

The last thing we want here, is to be associated with some of the vile stuff that is out there. We do try very hard to foster an environment for artistic expression and storytelling - not expression of gratuitous violence, dehumanization, or sexually offensive content.

Thank you for your understanding - thank you for your participation. We would like to express our apologies for the delay in rectifying this last situation, and hopefully this sort of thing doesn't happen again.

Kind Regards,
Admin at 3DRevolution

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palacs1nta Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2018
Many thanks for the request :)
Childe-Of-Fyre Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
tjohn Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
Sorry. I submitted "Botan" to the wrong folder. I resubmitted to Nudes. Thank You, John.
MoriMann Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries, things like that can happen :)
thatapoint Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations on the 'Super Group' status!  :heart:
SpyroRue Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018   Digital Artist
:D Cheers
Realmgal Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
idea for a gallery folder !!!

a Tarot card catagory?
Tarot with nudes catagoru?50x50 Mystic Sleepy Blue Fox Saxy time 
SpyroRue Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018   Digital Artist
Haha well I guess it sort of crosses lines with pin ups and everything with nudity falls in the new "nudes" one. Can throw ideas in Admin room now :heart: I do character cards myself every now and then :)
sawill77 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi - Thank for adding me to the group.
SpyroRue Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you for joining :D and welcome to the group! :)
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