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General group's rules

Hello and welcome to 3d-mania!
this group is made to share the 3d artworks of all kinds made by artists from all over the world, and to help each other improve by constructive criticism and tutorials or even resources.
group rules:
- No Mature Content:
if your work has nudity, sexual content, excessive violence and gore, idiologically sensitive materials please do not submit them in this group, there are a lot of other groups that accept them, here, we want to keep it clean for all audiances.
- No copyright violation: if you have content used without the original authors' permissions it will be declined.

*You may submit your work to the correct folders, if you are unsure where to submit it, you can ask in the comments.
**For any question or help, please don't be afraid to ask! :D
***Note to admins: If you decline a submission to the group's gallery, make sure you take a moment to explain why.:)

Gallery Folders

Take-off by AbdouBouam
Turian Super Dreadnought Revamp by Euderion
The Survivalist by CarlCG
Promethean Offspring - Ares class by Euderion
abstract and fractal
WaterDemon by ThreeViews
wave by anul147
unclear connections - Eevee by anul147
Nastaran by benixel
Robin - Teen Titans by silvanuszed
Fyr - Guardian of Dreams by polyheim
Hermione - Portrait by redHyacinth
Brujita by zentaoaki
animals and creatures
Demon Action. by koshnika
Demon Soul. by koshnika
Flying Scorpion by 3DSud
Crime scene by 3DSud
[MMD] The American Snakes by MaeveSterling
[MMD] Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder by MaeveSterling
[MMD] Nissan GT-R LB Silhouette by MaeveSterling
Nissan GT-R50 Concept by rpreteau
Old Friends. by koshnika
Sample 01 by ArchMaynee
Salida al mar by zentaoaki
Easter cake and Cherry by Kuro4ka13
DemonSoles by sevenofeleven
Horse. by koshnika

Mature Content

Vampire Attack. by koshnika
the lesser evil. by koshnika
objects and items
Torso de hombre by zentaoaki
Anforas by zentaoaki
Stilleben by koshnika
Proyectos 3D en 2.021 by zentaoaki
Happy New Year at City 17! by Rokatinsky
Forest House by Kuro4ka13
Gordon and Alyx chatting by Rockcodian
Race Car (WIP) by NoobModder
v10 BEAST (WIP) by NoobModder
Easter cake and Cherry (WIP) by Kuro4ka13
Floating house by Kuro4ka13
help and critique needed
realistic grass (would love tips for improvement) by MasterChief55
planes and aircrafts
Super Honet 3D Collection by Emigepa
resources, textures, models, tutorials...
Mermaid Scales Material by polyheim
fantasy and sci-fi
Hot coffee for Liara by Rokatinsky
Frollo Animation by silvanuszed
IJN Satsuma by PascaKanonno
Snow trees by Kuro4ka13
Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great day!

   I no longer have much free time to manage this group, and a lot of submissions expire or take a lot of time to get accepted in the group. Sorry for that, but I will no longer be able to continue.
If anyone is interested in becoming an admin of this group, please send a note to AbdouBouam and I'll consider it.

   Have a nice day,
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