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hello, thank's for accepted me
To those on here who do rendering professionally, I have a question. When doing a render, is it wrong to use texture images of things from actaul suppliers in your renderings, like say, wall panels, carpets, and ceiling tiles? I have done this for quite a bit of my projects that I am preparing for my portfolio that I hope to use for college or other purposes maybe professionally. Is that illegal to do though? When doing concept renders of things that you want to show a client or build in real time, it seems pointless to have to use fictional or made up stuff it it. It's not like this stuff is digital art to sell, which would obviously carry different rules. I feel like a bunch of my projects are wasted now. Advice on this please?
I have to admit that this is a rather interesting group, especially in regards to the production of the Conceptual 3Dimensional Interior Designs, all of which are well done in their delivery.
3dmaniacs.deviantart.com/  this is my new group. please join. have fun :) (Smile)


3dmaniacs.deviantart.com/  kurduğum yeni grupta sizleri aramızda görmekten 
memnuniyet duyacağız. katılın eğlenin :) (Smile) 
Great gallery :) 
Hi all:) 

just joined. good stuff here. :)