COMPETITION: Fallen to the Dark: More entries! :D

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It's competition time again!

This time, the theme is 'fallen to the dark', and is again sponsored by the lovely :iconfluffgirl1941: :D  

Your mission is to create a picture that shows a good character or characters that have fallen to the dark.  Perhaps it might be a character that has been seduced by the glittering promises and the lure of evil, or perhaps having lived a pure and virtuous life, they have seen terrible things, or are betrayed and can no longer see that being good is worthwhile.  Feel free to interpret it any way you want. :)

For inspiration, possible themes might include:

:bulletred:Good guys / girls gone bad
:bulletred: Fallen angels
:bulletred: Corrupted heroes

Some classic 'fallen to the dark' characters, for inspiration:
:bulletred: Annikin Skywalker
:bulletred: Phoenix (Dark Phoenix)
:bulletred: Horus (Warhammer 40K)
:bulletred: Judas Iscariot

:bulletred:Entries must contain a character that has turned from good to evil (or is in the process of doing so!)
:bulletred:Visual arts only, no literature (sorry - really hard to judge the one against the other!)
:bulletred:All visual media allowed
:bulletred:Please give credit where credit is due
:bulletred:Please only submit art made especially for the competition
:bulletred:Max 2 entries per person
:bulletred:Deadline is 29th February 2012

To submit an entry, send me a note with a link to your deviation.

Judging will be based on:
:bulletred:Your imagination in creating your fallen character artwork
:bulletred:Bonus points for humour or interesting twists and takes on the theme

:bulletred:It will be open to all levels of artists, from beginners to experts, so skill level will not be a factor.

:winner:1st prize::winner:
:bulletred:700 DA points
:bulletred:1 digital art commission from me (max 2 characters, simple background)
:bulletred:1 month journal feature

:winner:2nd Prize:winner:
:bulletred:300 DA points
:bulletred:1 digital art commission  from me (1 character, simple background)
:bulletred:1 month journal feature

Point prizes donated by :iconfluffgirl1941: Go give her some love! :)

If anyone else wants to donate prizes, please note me. :D


Fallen to the dark by channeller :thumb280537427: :thumb280540688: Fallen to the Dark by CidSin Bad Vladimir by vladimirsangel

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Commissions are currently CLOSED until I have more spare time.

Commission details and pricings are here.

Commissions / Trades / Requests
Commissions Status: CLOSED.
Collaborations Status:CLOSED.
Requests  Status:CLOSED.  
Art Trades Status:CLOSED.

Next Kiriban at 150,000 :D

:bulletred:Current Worklist:bulletred:

:bulletred: Dead Hunger book cover (5% done)
:bulletred: Commission for RayNoir (not yet started)
:bulletred: Steampunk novel cover (not yet started)
:bulletred: Corpse Goddess book cover (not yet started)
:bulletred: Ongoing sci-fi collaboration with work colleague (in progress)
:bulletred: Deadlanders book cover collaboration (my half done!)
:bulletred: Roland and Ray for RayNoir (DONE!)
:bulletred: Test of a Prince book cover  (DONE!)
:bulletred: Big Cat book cover  (DONE!)
:bulletred: Live and Let Undead book cover (DONE!)
:bulletred: The Snuff Syndicate book cover  (Cancelled)

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Bigbear-Inkpen's avatar
Wow Deedee I liked your page on FB had not saw this ... I have a vampire bust that is humorous dark LOL anyway now I am following you as well here /.... Vamps are my favorite will message you on FB I have many vamp renders ... and others that go bump in the night ... Anyway love your work with Daz .. you do it justice ... ON FB known as my page also ... I have posted praise on your wall there as well !
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Thanks so much for stopping by here and on Facebook. :) Your zbrush vamp head is really impressive! Glad you like my work - although I'm a Poser user rather than Daz (can't stand that programme!) :D
Bigbear-Inkpen's avatar
TY very much dee dee  sorry I do not make it to DA much always so busy keeping up with maya , max and zbrush as well ps  anyway           Keep up the great work !  
Silmuen's avatar
uh. I 'd like to try but since Im doing overtime at work lately I dont even remember what this drawing thing is :/ But nice entries so far :) I hope the contest goes well :)
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
I know the feeling (unfortunately). Cheers, m'dear! And find time for :beer: :) :hug:
DarwinsMishap's avatar
I just cannot GET anything out of my head for this! I don't know why, but...*Twitch*
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Aw, that's a shame. :S :hug:
Farthingale's avatar
So, just for clarity... are we looking for well-known characters? As in, is this technically a fan art contest?
BunnysteeleStephanie's avatar
I Got Daz3D Still Having a Hard Time Creating. Got Any Pointers to Help?
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Sure - what sort of thing do you need help with? Are you having trouble figuring out how to use it? Or adding figures / adding clothes / morphs /textures, or rendering, or something else entirely?
BunnysteeleStephanie's avatar
I Want to Make My Cover Like In 3D I Think That'll Be Cool
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
ok... that sounds great. Your original reply asked for pointers - was there anything specific...?
BunnysteeleStephanie's avatar
All It Does On Mine Is Make My Pictures Cartoony And Also I Can Just Go Forward Camra an Backwards. I Try yo Go On Youtube For Help It Doesn't Help Me At All.
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
It sounds like you've got the toon renderer on, possibly. In the render tab, try changing the render style shader - is it set to default or cartoon?

And as for moving the camera around, you use the tools at the side of the viewport - see here: [link]

You can use the one with the curved arrow to rotate the view, or click on the big cube and drag it around to rotate.
Angelfire666's avatar
Can we subtim more than one entry? :)
vLine-Designs's avatar
29th of February is plenty of time : ) The idea sounds interesting ^^
I'll see what I can do =). Just a question: photomanips are allowed too,right? ^^
vLine-Designs's avatar
AntaresDrake's avatar
How curious, I was thinking of doing a drawing like that featuring one of my O.C.s. He is not a bad person, yet in his younger days he was a complete monster.
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Yay! Excellent timing? :)
AntaresDrake's avatar
CidSin's avatar
mmmh i hope i can find a good thing to draw for this.... just curios how good it will be in the end ^^
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
I'm sure it'll be great! :D
CidSin's avatar
ok.... finished it... x.x

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