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Meet the Inlaws



After successfully rendering a pic with 11 characters, I thought I'd push the boat out and try for 16. Vue threw a wobbler. My system just couldn't handle it, so I ended up rendering it in three separate files. I'm quite surprised the DOF remained consistent actually...

I had a random idea for a seelie / unseelie court wedding that just spiralled off into something more manageable(!), and having finished, I felt the need to add some dialogue. Starting from front left...

The Elven Royal Family:
:bulletred: Blonde sister: No, I'm sure of it. That demon queen is NOT wearing knickers!
:bulletred: Red-haired sister: I think that gargoyle just did a stone poop.
:bulletred: Queen: They make a handsome couple. Demon blood or not, she'll have him wrapped around her little finger in no time.
:bulletred: King: If those trolls so much as scrape my masonry, I'm not letting them back in here again.
:bulletred: Brothers: (whispered variations on 'the demon queen isn't wearing any knickers')

The Demon Royal Family:
:bulletred: Queen: Great. Grandchildren with no horns or wings. Nice going, Junior.
:bulletred: King: Just get on and finish with the pomp and ceremony so I can get rip-roaring drunk.
:bulletred: Red-haired brother: Just get on and finish with the pomp and ceremony so I can get better acquainted with the bridesmaids.
:bulletred: Dark-haired brother: Did that troll just pinch my arse?

The happy couple:
:bulletred: Woman: YUM.
:bulletred: Man: I wish my mum would wear knickers.

Credits OMG.
Ethereal Silence
M4 morphs ++
V4 morphs ++

MutedBanshee's M4 Bainir
MutedBanshee's M4 Morven
MutedBanshee's M4 Morchir
M4 Matthias texture
M4 Bartok
M4 Windrider
V4 Kaida
V4 Vampira

Xurge 3D Dragon Armour
Xurge 3D Medieval Royalty
Xurge 3D M4 Fantasy Ranger
Xurge 3D Elven Lord
Jack of Hearts
V3 and V4 morphing fantasy dress
V4 morphing cloak
Ereshigal outfit and wings
M4 Lockwood
M3 High Elves

Cuffed Tail
M4 wet hair
Flower Princess Hair
Midnight Prince Hair
Dragon lady hair
Rapunzel hair :devmyklochka:
Rain Hair
Wiccanaya hair
Alkini Hair
Amanda Hair

Demona wings
Psyche jewels
Thorneworks Leafy Wings

Poser > Vue (>crash>Vue>Crash>Vue>Crash) > Photoshop

:bulletred: Larger version available on download.
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I WISH MY MOM WORE KNICKERS oh my god DeeDee lmao. That aside, I love the detailing and Seelie / Unseelie dealings are becoming a huge interest, so this pic really makes me happy.