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Lord of Nightmares

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Have you ever lain awake at night wondering where your nightmares come from?

In a realm of twisted dreamscapes, the Lord of Nightmares awaits.

In his right hand, Dreamers' Bane, a weapon used to cut through the veil that separates dream from nightmare; in his left hand, a grisly trophy taken from a dreamer literally scared to death. Surrounding him, in the mist of foul dreams, nightmare creatures await his bidding, ready to surge forward and invade the dreams of innocent sleepers.

Perhaps sometimes it is better not to dream...

M3 Forsaken Morphs
Skeleton King Throne Room
Ultimate Hair
Ron's Fog
All above items from DAZ3D

Fallen Wings from Darkworld Designs
James G2 long hair from Content Paradise
Raider armour by Xurge 3D
Raphael Belt by Kirisute (I think!)
Phenotypes from Sanctum Art

Poser / Vue / Photoshop
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JacksonHolmes's avatar
its clearly awesome .. Bravery.
Stavos's avatar
A nightmare I'd be glad to stepinto. This on is my own favourite amongst your terrific works. Such majesty and class...
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Thank you so much!  So glad you liked!
Krutor's avatar
famous works you have. Can man see that figures mooving in some game project or so?

btwn, blink at the video descripion if ur not interested:…
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
HI there!  Thanks for dropping in!  And no, I don't animate these figures generally. I just make still images.  The song on YouTube is great, by the way!
karibous-boutique's avatar
My daughter thinks your work is VERY good and wants to know how you make them. I'll have to attempt to show her! Oh, and we like the severed head. Creepy!!
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Cool! Loving the pic you guys made together. And a severed head is a great addition to any scene, in my opinion. ;)
Sherio88's avatar
ooooh what I wouldn't give to kneel at his throne!
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Bring some kneepads. ;)
IceQueenAzure's avatar
That's pretty cool :)
JavierMicheal's avatar
He looks like Kane.
Main character from Blood Omen
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Wrong colour hair though! There are tons of pics of Kain in my gallery however. ;)
JavierMicheal's avatar
Bestygoth's avatar
Luna-Fantasma's avatar
This deviantation reminds me to Black Metal ^.^ OH I LOVE THE STYLE YOU HAVE!
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Hehe, thanks, glad you like!
LeRoiDesCoeurs's avatar
Magnificent artwork,love the presence it projects,wondrous!
3D-Fantasy-Art's avatar
Thanks so much! Love the work you've got in your gallery so far too! :D
OmegaZzyzx's avatar
A true Lord of Shadows.
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