The Mythology of Sailor Moon
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Published: June 25, 2014
Sorry for the day delay in plans.

Yep, its about that time again. Another Sailor Moon related topic for Moon Day. As 2 weeks  remain before the Cyrstal Anime pemeires, we got some grounds to cover here. This entry of "Moon Day" would be talking about the history of Mythology and religion protrayed within Sailor Moon and how much it influences Sailor Moon's  seires as a whole. As one can guess, Sailor Moon has  the mixture of Greek and Roman Mythology and Japanese culture within it, however there are other reilgous Elements within the series as well that are overlooked that we're here to explore today

Sailor Moon and Greek/Roman Mythology

The Primary element within Sailor Moon is  Greek and Roman Mythology within the series Let's get the Obivous ones out of the way frist.

As we already know, all the Senshi are based on the planets they come from  and all the planets within our Solar System are named after the Greek and Roman Gos but what is the context of the Sneshi's characteristics and abilities and their perspective comparisons.

In Sailor Moon the original Greek myth is divided between Queen Serenity (the goddess) and Princess Serenity (who fell in love with Endymion).
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s two.

In both the anime and manga, Queen Serenity is stated to actually be Selene herself.
Her daughter, Princess Serenity, fell in love with Prince Endymion, even though she was of the moon and he was of Earth. This mirrors the Greek myth of Selene and Endymion.

Enydimon In Greek Mythology was the son of Zeus and the lover of Selene in Greek Mythology.Endymion was loved by Selene, the titaness of the moon. Prince Endymion loved and was loved by Princess Serenity, the princess of the moon. Both stories involve a man from Earth being loved by a higher being belonging to the moon. Also, in some myths, Endymion is stated to be a prince or king, just like Prince Endymion.

Sailor Mercury, aka Ami Mizuno, was the second addition to the Sailor Team. She is the “brain” of the group and is rumored to have an IQ of 300. Her powers are the elements water and ice. She dreams of becoming a doctor like her mother and spends most of her free time studying. There are  similarities that can be drawn from Mercury and Sailor Mercury. Ami dreams of being a doctor, and the Caduceus Mercury holds is the symbol of medicine. Also, in Sailor Mercury’s final and most powerful attack, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, Sailor Mercury uses a lyre-like object, which is a reference to the myth where Hermes/Mercury created the lyre to appease Apollo. Hermes was also referred to as the cleverest of the gods, which may be where Ami got her intelligence from, although she uses her brain for more productive purposes instead of using it to trick others, which was a trademark of the god Mercury.

Sailor Mars, aka Rei Hino, was the third addition to the Sailor Team. Her powers are creating and manipulating fire and heat. She also a miko (priestess) and displays very acute psychic powers even when untransformed. Rei is very passionate and outspoken, and is fearless when facing enemies.
There are a few obvious similarities that can be drawn from Mars and Sailor Mars. Mars is the god of war, and one of Sailor Mars’s titles is “Soldier of War”, referencing this. Also, just as Mars was portrayed as a very passionate god, Sailor Mars shows passion in everything that she does and is even referred to as the “Soldier of Passion.” In addition, perhaps Rei and Minako’s very close friendship is a reference to the affair between Mars and Venus.

Sailor Jupiter, aka Makoto Kino (Mako-chan to her friends), was the fourth addition to the Sailor Team. Her powers are nature-based, and she is able to manipulate lightning and use some plant-based powers. She is the “muscle” of the group and by far the most physically strong. Mako is simultaneously the most masculine and the most feminine of the group. She is tall, strong, and can beat almost anybody up, but is also an excellent cook and likes “girly” things.The similarities between the two are very obvious here! Almost all of Sailor Jupiter’s powers are taken from the myths about Jupiter being the god of lightning. Also, Sailor Jupiter’s final attack, “Jupiter Oak Evolution”, is a reference to one of Jupiter’s symbols, the Oak. Perhaps, much like Jupiter was a father to many daughters and sons, Makoto acts as the mother figure of the inner senshi and is very protective of her friends.

Sailor Venus, aka Minako Aino, was the fifth and final addition to the Inner Sailor Team, although she was actually the very first to awaken. Sailor Venus uses light and energy based powers, many of which connected to love. Minako awakened a full year before Usagi and fought crime under the codename, Sailor V and even starred in her own series before Sailor Moon. Her parter is the cat Artemis. Even though Minako is fun-loving, hyper and a bit scatter-brained, she never fails to lead the other senshi in a crisis.

*whistles* In my opinion, out of all the mythological references for the Senshi, Minako takes the cake. Here are just a few examples of references found in the series, most of which from Codename: Sailor V:

This is just the references I could find on short notice! Codename: Sailor V seems to actually imply that she is the incarnation, or avatar, of Venus herself. Minako often refers to herself as the “goddess of love”, but this may very well be just a saying or catchphrase she has developed, not actually naming herself Venus.
Venus was incredibly beautiful and was stated to have long blond hair. Minako is also very beautiful and is blond. Venus had a myriad of affairs and love interests, and Minako has had countless crushes, probably as a reference to this myth. Venus had a long-lasting affair with a youth named Adonis. In Codename: Sailor V, a youth named Adonis was in love with Sailor Venus. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, and one of Sailor Venus’s titles is “Soldier of Love and Beauty.” Also, Sailor Venus’s final and most powerful attack “Venus Love and Beauty Shock” is a reference to this. Another thing I picked up that might be mythology related is the fact that Minako and Rei are best friends in the manga; perhaps this is in reference to the love between Venus and Mars, if anything in the manga there are some gay overtones as well but we'll get to that Next Week.

Sailor Pluto, aka Setsuna Meioh, was a member of the Outer Senshi and the Guardian of the Time-Space Door. Sailor Pluto has powers that relate to both time and the underworld. She is very stoic and serious, but is very close to Chibiusa, who gave her the affectionate nickname “Puu”, and Hotaru, whom she helped raised, who refers to her as “Setsuna-mama.” Setsuna is the oldest and most mature of the Senshi, and is always reliable.First and foremost, I want to point out that many people think that Takeuchi mixed up the powers of Sailors Pluto and Saturn, as Saturn was considered a god of time and Pluto was the god of death. However, its clear that this was intentional on Takeuchi’s part and she actually did much research. You can read a wonderful article on this by Genvid. I highly recommend it!
This aside, there are still some similarities that I can draw between the two. Sailor Pluto uses “Dead Scream,” which is a reference to Pluto being the god of the dead. Much like Pluto was the least seen of the gods, always staying in the underworld and almost never joining the other gods, Pluto, the planet (YES, I’m calling it a planet), is the coldest, most distant, and thus, most lonely planet, similar to Setsuna, always alone and guarding. Since Sailor Pluto guards a door, it may be a reference to how Pluto guards the underworld. Also, Pluto wields the Garnet Orb and has a reoccurring garnet theme; garnets are connected to pomegranates, the fruit of the underworld.

Sailor Uranus, aka Haruka Tenoh, is a member of the Outer Senshi. She can control and manipulate the forces of air. Haruka is a lesbian and the partner and lover of Michiru Kaioh, aka Sailor Neptune. Haruka is very masculine and tomboyish and is an avid race car driver. She can appear cold and stubborn, but in actuality she is playful, protective, and charming. She is fully dedicated to her duty as a Senshi.Sailor Uranus’s wind and air-based powers are a direct reference to Uranus, god of the sky. In addition, Sailor Uranus’s Senshi titles are “Soldier of Wind”, “Soldier of Sky”, and “Soldier of Flight”, all referencing the god Uranus. Uranus was terrified of his children taking over and took extreme measures to prevent it, which might translate to Sailor Uranus being terrified of Sailor Saturn awakening, and taking extreme measures to prevent it.

Sailor Neptune, aka Michiru Kaioh, is a member of the Outer Senshi. Sailor Neptune used ocean-based attacks and possesses some precognitive abilities. Michiru is a lesbian and the partner and lover of Sailor Uranus, aka Haruka Tenoh. She is deeply artistic, being a renowned violinist and a famous artist. Michiru is elegant, sophisticated, polite, graceful, and fully dedicated to her duty as a Senshi.The only real similarities between Neptune and Sailor Neptune is having the powers of the ocean. Sailor Neptune’s “Deep Submerge”, “Submarine Reflection”, and “Submarine Violin Tide” are all references to the ocean, which was Neptune’s domain. Her Senshi titles are “Soldier of the Sea”, and “Soldier of Deep Waters”, all direct references to Neptune being the god of the Sea. Also, like his brother Jupiter, Neptune has many affairs, which may be why Michiru has a flirty attitude.

Sailor Saturn, aka Hotaru Tomoe, and the last addition to the Outer Senshi. Sailor Saturn has frightening destructive powers on a planetary scale, but can also heal minor injuries and put up energy barriers. Hotaru was a kind but lonely girl with no friends until Chibiusa came along. She had a very weak body and suffered from countless seizures because an alien entity, Mistress 9, had been implanted inside of her body. As if that weren’t enough, Hotaru was also the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, the most feared Sailor Senshi, whose awakening brought about destruction and silence. After a very long and arduous battle, where Saturn ended up losing her life, she was reborn into a normal baby to be raised by the Outers (in the manga and Stars season) or her father (in the anime). She later grows up to be a much happier girl and now works alongside the Senshi instead of being feared by them.First and foremost, I want to point out that a common misconception in the fanbase is that Takeuchi mixed up the powers of Sailors Pluto and Saturn, as Saturn was considered a god of time and Pluto was the god of death. However, its clear that this was intentional on Takeuchi’s part and she actually did much research.

The history of Saturn is double in nature. The original Saturn was the Italian god of agriculture and prosperity. The Romans later identified him with Cronos, the oppressive Greek god of time and gloom. The Romans were conscious of Saturn’s dual nature. In fact, two English adjectives derived from Saturn, Saturnian and Saturnine, are direct opposites: the former meaning happy and prosperous, the latter meaning gloomy and sullen. Duality reflected, possibly by coincidence, in the happy child Hotaru, and the cold, gloomy Messiah (Sovereign) of Silence. (Taken from Tripod).

Greek and Roman Mythology make up the bulk of the Mytholgoy in Sailor Moon but it's not the only aspect that makes up the Mtyhology of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon and Shinto/ Buddhism

As we know, Sailor Moon takes place within Japan, a country that has the majority of it's reilgous beleivers within the Shinto or Budhhist faiths with one of the largest Atheist popluations in the word, ranking 5th in least religious worldwide but enough about that, let's talk about  Shinto /Budddhist culutre in general and how it relfects on characteristics  and the lifestyle of the Senshi within duty and in their civllain lifestyles.

 Sailor Venus is a Buddhist. In one issue of "Codename: Sailor V", she recites some of Buudha's Teachings.

But the best examples of Shintoism and Buddhism within the series is none other than  Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars.

Re Hino is probably the best  examples of  Shintoism within the series considering she embodies the beleifs of many Shinto Priestess, Shintoist while strong within their beliefs also attends Catholic School. Why does a Priestess attend a Chatolic School that's opposite to the reilgous faith of  their upbrining ?  Simple. If you're in a Shinto reilgion, it's premitted to go into schools of different reilgous beleifs,  Many Eastern Religions are Ploythesitc or  Spritual in nature as opposed to the Monotheistc, Western Araambhic Reilgions, hence less problems with someone as Devot as Rei appearing within a Chatolic School despite being CHristan.

Mars celestial fire surround

Rei's attack Burning Madala is a strong example of Rei's Shinto/Buddhist influence. The word "Mandala" is a Buddhist term imported from China, though the religion originated from India. The Mandala is used in meditation. Before a person can reach enlightenment, they must pass through the outermost circle of the Mandala, purifying fire, the fire of wisdom. At the center is a symbol of the Buddha, surrounded by the eight corners of the Earth (West, Northwest, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, and Southwest). Together the symbols make a lotus shape. The eight symbols that appear in the fire circles, before Sailor Mars shoots them at her enemy, are Buddhist symbols which stand for the eight corners of the world. A mandala is a geometric pattern that can symbolize the universe. Sailor Mars' mandala appears to be a traditional Vajrayana Buddhism mandala.

Rei is also miko (shrine priestess) and they are known for their archery skills. This was referenced in the Dream arc when Sailor Mars transforms into Super Sailor Mars and her main attack is the Mars Flame Sniper, which is a fiery bow and arrow. It's also a double whammy reference to her Greek/Roman Mythology roots within Sailor Moon as well.

Sailor Moon and Hinduism

Yes there are even Hindu elements within Mainstream Sailor Moon. Several notable ones infact.

The Starlights themsleves are each based on Hindu Gods from Hinduism. Each of Starlights seem to be based on the The Hindu Trimurti.

   Fans like to associate Sailor Star Fighter with destruction and Shiva, but they should realize that destruction is not necessarily the inevitable result of a fighter fighting.  The fighter may destroy life, but he or she may also be protecting or preserving life.  As a protector, Sailor Star Fighter would be better associated with Vishnu (the Protector and Preserver), not Shiva (the Destroyer and Re-creator).

     Brahma is thought to be the First Cause, or the Creator of the universe.  Fans often associate Sailor Star Maker with Brahma.  The “Maker” in the name Sailor Star Maker does not necessarily refer to a Creator or “Maker” of the universe, nor does it have to imply the First Cause.  There are many makers (or creators) of different kinds, but Brahma is supposed to be the Creator (or Maker).

     Sailor Star Healer is sometimes associated with Vishnu, the Preserver.  Preserving (what a preserver does) and healing (what a healer does) are different concepts, and something that is being preserved might not ever have been healed.  When something is healed, it was experiencing some sort of pain or ailment at some point in the past.  When one preserves something, he or she is keeping it from experiencing some sort of pain or ailment.  Fans may dismiss the distinction as “semantics,” but the two concepts are not necessarily connected.

But the strongest support of Hinduism being an influenced is the idea of Reincarnation which is prominent within Sailor Moon as a whole.  The Senshi died 1,000 years ago and live new lives as Adults, they died during the Queen Berly Arc and were revived by Sailor Moon, Haruka and Michru died in S  but were brought back to like and towards the end of the series, Every senshi aside from Sailor Moon dies  but are brought back to life in the end.

It should be noted that  Reincarnation is a central tenet of the Indian religions and distinct from the Buddhist verison of Rebirth.Reincarnation is when a "soul" or self is born again, and has a new life. Rebirth is when the sense of self is generated as an ongoing process, as a result of clinging to conditions. This can happen in this lifetime (what I am now is not the same "person" as five years or five minutes ago; I have been "reborn" as a result of different causes which are creating me now). And some (more traditional?) Buddhists claim that it takes place between lives; that the flow of clinging continues, and generates new senses of self in the future beyond personal death.

Sailor Moon and Juedo/Christianity

Sailor Moon has a good amount of Juedo/Christan Mythology within the series,  Rei Hino herself is a secular Shinto Buddhist who attends a Christan School but that's not the only Christan elements within the Series.

There are several instances in the anime in which the Sailor Senshi are depicted as being crucified. For example, the Inner Senshi were hung on crystal crosses on Rubeus' ship in "Sailor Moon R" Episode 74. In the "Sailor Moon R movie", the Sailor Moon was held by a crucified position by Fiore. Also, in "Sailor Moon S" Episode 123, Hotaru was hung and tormented on a cross in Chibi-Usa's nightmare. However, crucifixion doesn't seem to signify that the character being crucified is symbolic of Jesus Christ. In "Sailor Moon", crucifixion conveys torture since those being crucified are usually screaming or unconscious and may not have any religious significance but the symbolism is definitely worth noting.

All of the 3rd Season or Season S originate  directly from Book of Revelation though this is  obvious  to even kids raised in a Christan Household. The Apolcysitc dreams Rei has is the dreams of the world ending much like how it's stated within the Book of Revelation . The Outer Senshi are each based on the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation at least in terms in concept. Michru's calm demeanor and her leadership abilities are based on the Horseman of Conquest, Haruka, the more gung Ho Senshi who is based on the Horseman of War,  Sestuna while not having and powers related to famine would be sorta the Third Horseman of Pesitice and Sailor Saturn is  the Pale Horseman and foreshadowed as the one that would ultimately end the world.

When i saw them within this arc again as a adult, couldn't help but to play this music.

There's also Haruka and Michiru who are strongly impiled to be Christans  with Haruka even wearing a Cross on her outfit within the anime and artwork of Dailor Moon herself with Christan Crosses on her arms and necklaces which would strongly imply that Usgai is also a Christan.In the anime, Haruka wears a cross necklace several times when she is wearing normal clothes. In the manga, Usagi and Haruka both adorn cross jewelry, though again Haruka wears it the most.

But the most Obvious example is Season  S's main plot Device, the Holy Giral.Also in "Sailor Moon S", the Holy Grail was the sacred cup that Sailor Moon used to become Super Sailor Moon. The Holy Grail was the cup that Jesus Christ used in The Last Supper, the supper before He was crucified. The myths surrounding the Holy Grail said that anyone who drank from the Holy Grail will have "the light of faith rushing into our heart and mind". Other myths said that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, who acquired the sacred cup in 500, believed that anyone who drank from the Holy Grail would become immortal. In the manga, Mamoru told Usagi and Chibi-Usa the story of Sir Gallahad's quest for the Holy Grail. It's very interesting that Super Sailor Moon the Messiah receives her power from the Holy Grail. In the manga, power actually pours out of the Holy Grail and on to Sailor Moon's lips during her power-up transformation.

There is a lesser implication that Michiru, also, is Christian; at least she tells Usagi and Unazuki in Episode 94 that the first couple to ever kiss were Adam and Eve (instead of, say, Izanagi and Izanami) and refers to the 'cross' she and Haruka were given as Sailor Senshi (fifth season, Episode 198). Now, what entertains me is the possibility that Takeuchi and/or our directors are being deliberately subversive by identifying the lesbian couple as Christians, that religion being notoriously, hysterically, intolerant of same-sex desire but again, i'll save that discussion for next week's review

Sailor Moon and Islam

Yeah there are even elements of Islamic Beliefs that were in Sailor Moon in the mixture of  divewrse beleifs that are subtly mixed within the Secular seires like Sailor Moon. So how you ask is Islam presented in a series like Sailor Moon?

Just look at the logo

And  the Symbol of Islam

And while you're at it, look at the Archtreucie of the Moon Kingodm

And the Taj Mahal

Concidence ?  I think not !

Not to mention the very fact the moon is the center of focus within the series as well as  the defined scared place of  the ruler of the series.This comes from the ntion that many non Muslims often associate Allah as the Moon God of Islam and hence the symbol of Islam is often seen as the Star and the Moon

The Quran clearly emphasises that the moon is a sign of God, not itself a god. Muslim scholars cite the 37th verse of the Sura Fussilat as proof against the Moon-God claim:وَمِنْ آيَاتِهِ اللَّيْلُ وَالنَّهَارُ وَالشَّمْسُ وَالْقَمَرُ لَا تَسْجُدُوا لِلشَّمْسِ وَلَا لِلْقَمَرِ وَاسْجُدُوا لِلَّهِ الَّذِي خَلَقَهُنَّ إِن كُنتُمْ إِيَّاهُ تَعْبُدُون "And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate to Allah, who created them, if it should be Him that you worship"

The crescent moon symbol used as form of blazon is not a feature of early Islam, as would be expected if it were linked to Pre-Islamic pagan roots. The use of the crescent symbol on Muslim flags originates during the later Middle Ages. 14th-century Muslim flags with an upward-pointing crescent in a monocolour field included the flags of Gabes, Tlemcen (Tilimsi), Damas and Lucania, Cairo, Mahdia, Tunis and Buda.

It has been suggested that the star-and-crescent had been adopted from the Byzantines. Franz Babinger suggests this possibility, noting that the crescent alone has a much older tradition also with Turkic tribes in the interior of Asia. Parsons considers this unlikely, as the star and crescent was not a widespread motif in Byzantium at the time of the Ottoman conquest.

Sailor Moon seems to take a bit of that and make the Lunacenritc beliefs of Islam or at least what people consider Lunacertic beliefs  and makes that the foreground of Islam.Also the strong connection between Greek Mythology and Early Islam is noted in Archtetcure as the Early Islamic societes presented many  Greek beleifs and even preserved their Archeteicture and made some imporvments on them overtime prior to falling into an Adameic Dark Age post Curasdes which is  silmair to Christans preserving Roman Culture  within the Early Middle Ages.

Sailor Moon and

Momonism has one of the stronger ties to Sailor Moon Mythology and even closely connected to what the seires mythology is based on and has a bit closer connection to  Greek and Roman Mythology in General. Mormons believe strongly in Trillions of Planets within out Universe ( Which to be fair is a better esimate than either Judaism, Chrsitan and Islam) that is ruled by one person who is basically God Like and was once human. This directly parralells the Mytogloy in Sailor Moon as all the Senshi are reincarnated as humans but evventually become so powerful, they're almost like gods in a way and  Each Senshi is a ruler of her own planet and there are an estimate  6 Sextillion planets in our Universe  and there are Sneshi not just for planets but for Satettle Planetiods ( Sailor Qaurter) Moons ( Sailor Moon herseld) Dwarf Planets(Sailor Pluto) Stars ( Sailor Starlights) and even Galaxies ( Sailor Galaxia). Now the funny part  is imagining all of them having  "Endless Celestial Sex" as depcited within Mormonism but we'll get into the Yuri next week.

Sailor Moon and Scientology

Sailor Moon also has some indirect similarity to Scientology. Sailor Moon and the Senshi are all humans with an inner power hidden within them, silmair to what Scientology  believe in with the Thetans. There was an mass exodus slimair to  Scientology's origins with  Queen Berly and Queen Metaila killing off the home planet of  Sailor Moon's past self silmair to what happened with Xenu within Scientology Mythology and all the Present Incrarations of their past lives forgot about there powers overtime and it's not until one  overcomes a great struggle or encounters one do they're true power is awakened.

Overall Sailor Moon is a series that has a bit of everything within it when it comes to Mythology. The more li look into the series, the more i see how epic it is by having a good mixture of different mythologies and reilgions within the context so there's always something for everybody and hence why it's quite a sucess around the world.

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Once i'm done with filling all these requests, i would be available for anything.That being said with a Drawing Talbet, i can get artwork done faster and easier now with my own privacy , meaning i can draw anything, even NSFW pictures, though i woulave have to drawn them on a site that's not DA so i don't risk the ban hammer. I will plan to open up a Hentai account for those who have hentai requests , however these are the ground rules i'm laying out.

No Yaoi( I'm not Homophobic, it's just not my thing to draw)
No Loilcon or Shotacon ( I'm 100% against drawing underage girls or sexualized children)
No Rape  ( I have zero tolerance on rape pictures, we don't need anymore bad hentai)
No Besitiaty ( Well unless the animal in question looks at least 90% human)
No Scat, Blood or Urine ( I don't wanna draw that )
No Incest ( No Elsa/Anna please )

Anything else is fair game, especially would prefer Yuri or Orgy requests  ( Examples being Medaka with the whole Kendo Team or Tushinke with every hot girl in his girl,exculding Yukari),those are more  within my range.

And since i'm a member of the Sailor Mercury club and long overdue for a picture with them, i'm going to be making up for some lost time on my own by drawing pictures for  the club .
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In Italy, Queen Serenity is named Queen Selene, and star maker is named sailor star "polvere di stelle" (stardust); in the stardust there are the elements of life.
Maybe, Haruka is androgynous because Uranus was... castrated.
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I doubt that's the case, only women can be Senshis
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He's not a Senshi last time i checked, just a very powerful being.
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Nice explanation in regards of how connected Sailor Moon is to various religions and mythologies around the world and managed to make it all unique and not derivative here.

Although, I would consider it an insult if you added in Scientology as a good influence because I keep on thinking of how Tom Cruise keeps on giving people more and more reason to not take that cult as a religion seriously at all.
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Yep, it's quite surpisng to see how  Sailor Moon's Mythology connects to any major Reilgon within the world.

I'm not trying to promote Scientology, nor any religion for that matter, just comparing Sailor Moon's mythology to some elements of major religions, even that of Scientology which is baltantly full of shit and a literal reilgon of scam
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Yeah and unlike most of today's religions, Sailor Moon doesn't force its views onto anyone and for Usagi/Sailor Moon herself, she's exactly what everyone should be willing to follow because despite her flaws, her true character in being selfless is what helps makes her much more endearing than any religious figure out there.

That's fine and yeah, Scientology sucks ass and nothing would please us more than to see that cult get wiped off completely. Anyways, why do you think Scientology is a cult than a religion?
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Exactly, hell i much rather worship Sailor Moon as a reilgion than any of the real world reilgions out there, maybe Sailor Moon is a Documetnary, it makes as much sense as any reilgion.

Because they're only in it for the money, quite litreary. You have to constantly pay them, they're more of a scam artist cult considering they seem to sucker in manly rich people.
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Yeah, at least this type of religion isn't hypocritical with itself like most religions are today.

Yeah and any religion that requires you to pay ridiculous amounts of money to them doesn't sound like any normal religion would do because wouldn't most religions accept donations to charity but not forcing their believers to pay them loads of money for only themselves?
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Well largely because it's not a Reilgon, though i would totally worship the beauty that is Sailor Juptier.

How can anyone worship Scienotology ? It's literary a reilgion of scam. Say what you want about the Arabahmic reilgons but at least Islam, Judaism and Chrsitantly preserved the  knowledge of the Greeks and  had people like Martin Luther King and Malcom X who tried to use their reilgon for the greater good as well as Gandhi with Hinduism,  SHinto and Buudhism are at least open minded enough to allow people to partice other faiths without going too far from their own teachings as as much as i don't like Mormonism, i'll be lying if i wasn't intrested in having mupilte wives.

Name one good redeeming value within Sceintology . I fail to understand how intelligent, professional celebrites like Will Smith can buy into such a dumb reilion that's  literary all about scamming people out of their money. At least most reilgous have the decency to have chairtes to feed the sick and poor and have some good intetion behind them, Scientology does not and never did.
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Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind worshipping her either.

Yeah, you know that Scientology is bad when even other different religious groups refuse to acknowledge it together and hell, I can definitely imagine all religious groups uniting against a common enemy like Scientology.

Yeah, Tom Cruise is completely bonkers with Scientology and as for Will Smith, I don't think he ever came out supporting it though.
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Yep but Scientology isn't big enough to be a threat to all the major reilgons.

True but he is one.
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The series does show it has a number of different myths and inspirations from different cultures involved with Greek mythology being just the tip of the ice berg among other things. Its impressive at how it came together, especially in the manga.
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Yeah there's a bit of every major religious mythology in Sailor Moon
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Indeed its either obvious or you just have to know what to look for.
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