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the misterious forest
Chapter 2: Mysterious Forest
The chained up Sorceress all and alone inside an unknown cave; without any way out. Just a moment ago, which she was tricked for helping a goddess. The Sorceress study her bindings and checking for any weak spots or crack for her to escape out of the bindings. She yanked the ones near her sides; which it didn’t budge, but she isn’t done; she tries again to focus on the main chain and yanked it harder until a single crack on the rocky walls. From outside the goddess Luna who was so distracted she didn’t bother check on her prisoner and instead focus eating other creatures from the forest, one by one. Then a luck struck for the dragon; Erica heard a little shatter crack almost to her right almost near the main chain attached to the main rock. Erica decided to change her strategy and focused on the crack and pull the chain, yanked until it breaks; for every seconds she stopped and waited, if Luna was coming back or spawning in; though she was
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Exxasmacrolo.sb2 Luna And Abby by 34356534355 Exxasmacrolo.sb2 Luna And Abby :icon34356534355:34356534355 4 0
Mature content
CCA Colony counter atack! :icon34356534355:34356534355 0 0
the bored goddess
Chapter 1 Board Goddess
Beyond the void, past few of thousands moons orbiting around a celestial being but the moons orbiting around isn’t a planet but a goddess. The goddess name Luna Winslow a powerful goddess who watches many worlds through her (eyes). Many mouths pass the goddess slowly becomes board; she tries to move away from the moons but; the orbit from the moon forced her to stay and unable to break away. She doesn’t know why her kind bind her or even is the point, however the truth was really too prevent her to leave or intervene.
Luna searched for a best sorceress throughout the mortal’s world and other universes; however she found one particular. Erica the Queen of Death, a powerful sorceress through the mortal world and a dragon. The Goddess have watch the dragoness adventures and have learn about her back story; a dragon who was cursed by black magic, destroy other human settlements and she even was dubbed as hero of a city called Avalos.
Luna waited no
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the winslow family
nina winslow
weapon:size devices
apperance:nina resembles a lot of her mom claire specificaly in hair style and personality
personality:sweet and gentle
:icon34356534355:34356534355 1 0
Sheilla by 34356534355 Sheilla :icon34356534355:34356534355 0 0
aunt sophie
aunt sophie
real name:sophia "sophie" jay winslow
race: mawile
size:giga macro(about ten times bigger than a normal giga )10000ft
family: claire jay winslow( daughter) luna winslow (nephew)melony winslow (nephew)azuki jones winslow(adoptive nephew)
location:she lives in new york unlike melony and her family wich lives in metropolis ,but she visits them often
story:aunt sophie is claire mom ,she and claire lived toghter since claire was young at new york , after she grew up claire decided to explore the world her mom didnt stoped her in fact she even gave her the things she would need,after leaving she went to new york ,there she met her love walter( an adult mawile wich was in question mayor ) ,sophie passes most of her time taking care of her animals, two dogs and 3 cats wich loves ,but of course she visits her family often when she can .
apearance:sophie is a very very big macro (some believe she is a sizechanger ) she is a giga one but for some reason she is ten times bigger
:icon34356534355:34356534355 0 0
fan made deathbattle :luna vs katsumi akiyama
who will win katsumi akiyama or luna eva winslow oh and fact luna is a puncher swordswoman and has soul and chaos powers so who will win while i know about soul powers and chaos i know katsumi has little experience with it oh another thing luna defeatead the entire crew of marvel during one of her travels while using her portal gun so yeah assassin ggirl,pretty much dont judge her wrong though this was during the official game she belongs to,also she defeated many enemies way stronger or even compared to  her but still her size and weapons are very helpfull against them
Feats:broke trough vibranium with her bare fists!cuted through extremely durable .defeated chronos ,talrok and syrech and even more
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yugi thobias.
hair:black with lights on it
eyes:lavender .
debut:Chapter 1 a misterious encounter
apereance:black uniform,long sleeves and a sheit on his back for his katana ,brown pants and brown shoes.
personality:wise ,calm and gentle(mostly)strong naturaly .
partners:terra and akila
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nynth the demigod
nynth  the egyptian demigod
weapon: golden staff
apereance:Nynth is a orange and black stripped vixen with bandages on her body along with some egyptian outfit .
:icon34356534355:34356534355 1 5
Charles Tarkosoviski .gift for dragonsamurai300 by 34356534355 Charles Tarkosoviski .gift for dragonsamurai300 :icon34356534355:34356534355 1 4
ryne and dal the fan series
ryne and dal the fan series
luna eva winslow
weapon:size gun,portal gun,age gun,sword
apeareance:Young,ghotic and full of power
weight:65 kg
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shantae BABY! by 34356534355 shantae BABY! :icon34356534355:34356534355 1 0
personal request to dragonsamurai300
hi dragonsamurai300 its Rafael,or exxas i need your help with my Project ,FOR deathbattle and mystery skulls game ^^ can you lend me a hand in character designs?
:icon34356534355:34356534355 0 21
never prank on the sister part 2 by 34356534355 never prank on the sister part 2 :icon34356534355:34356534355 0 0 never pran by 34356534355 never pran :icon34356534355:34356534355 0 0
i love pokemon and digimon


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Chapter 2: Mysterious Forest

The chained up Sorceress all and alone inside an unknown cave; without any way out. Just a moment ago, which she was tricked for helping a goddess. The Sorceress study her bindings and checking for any weak spots or crack for her to escape out of the bindings. She yanked the ones near her sides; which it didn’t budge, but she isn’t done; she tries again to focus on the main chain and yanked it harder until a single crack on the rocky walls. From outside the goddess Luna who was so distracted she didn’t bother check on her prisoner and instead focus eating other creatures from the forest, one by one. Then a luck struck for the dragon; Erica heard a little shatter crack almost to her right almost near the main chain attached to the main rock. Erica decided to change her strategy and focused on the crack and pull the chain, yanked until it breaks; for every seconds she stopped and waited, if Luna was coming back or spawning in; though she was focused on someone else.

Just almost not long ago; she sworn that she first smell something near the main entrance of the cave; she did overheard just right after her captured, that she was bringing somebody into her world for “quilty time” which she called it; but it was sounded more unpleasant for the Sorceress and makes matter worst; she is in some unknown realm and nobody will save her.

“Got to get out of here” She whisper, while trying to yank off her chain, with little bit of chance “I hope Jack or Tony aren’t worry about me. While trapped some while fantasy and a goddess held me against my well.”

The crack on the wall started to slowly breaking and the chains started nearly loosen; soon the chain instantly released. Her arms was now free, and was able to yank the rest of the chains off her tail, including her wings. Before she break way, she first checked her surroundings, making sure the goddess wasn’t watching her escape. Nowhere in sight of Luna; Erica who started to question about the forest, that it suddenly now appeared and oddly about Luna size, since the last time she was tall as the sky; she wipe away the thought and make a break for it in the maze forest. The forest was ten times taller than herself; however she would just fly away but, Luna would know of her escape or probably hiding and watching if she flies.

For good moments past, she took a break near a tall tree where she rest while figuring out a plan to trap Luna and escape the realm; she took few scrapes of dirt from the ground, placing on a small pile of logs. She then placed her finger on top of the logs; she placed her hand on top of the logs, then she ignite the logs; quickly she gently placed a magic barrier around the fire, masking the smoke.

“For a goddess..She seemed a bit childish” She hesitated, while she quickly figuring out a plan to trap a goddess, with only a little time. “Perhaps, these moons might be the only way to trap her. I understand how it works-”

“Pixy hold on! Slow down! Wait for us…”

“Ah sis…What’s that?”

Pixy who didn’t pay attention and ended up bumping into a black scale sole; She slowly first touch the scaly wall, but slowly she soon realize, it was the dragon who was hiding in the caves. Yumi, who was frozen in fear, looking at the tall creature, nearly tall as a mountain; Yumi who was eventually snap out of it when her younger sister Katsumi, grabbed her by her shoulder.

Katsumi who was strangely amused looking at her sister, almost like some acted when someone won a bet “I knew it! You are scared. Last time you told me, you said. No matter if I saw something strange out of ordinary, I never afraid of any danger, no matter if someone is ten times taller than me.” The little young Jolten laughed, in a victorious manner.

Erica who oddly was confused on her encounter, with these small Lycanthrope, but however; these Lycanthrope which she never see before, where oddly look alien. The taller one was wearing strange clothes which seemed similar of Luna’s outfit but without the skull symbol, the other one seemed close like a fox but, her appearance seems different. Then the smallest one, unlike the others wearing clothes; this one does not, but instead has wings; the Sorceress decided to grab the one with the wings, gently she raise her up at eye level.

“OH…Yumi, I think she’s goanna eat her!”

“Monster! Let her go!” Yumi quickly grabbed a sharp pointed stick, preparing to jap the monster’s toe however; when she jab the toe, the sharp stick broke apart. “Let her go!” Later she was ended up caught by the monster, holding her by the back of her top. “Let me go!”

“Shut up…She might hear us” Erica assured the little one to stay come “Look my name is Erica, I’m a Sorceress. Now what’s yours little one?”

“Yumi, what are you?”

“What am I…Well I’m a dragon, can’t you tell?” However she want to return back to her other question “What Lycanthrope, are you three?”

Soon everyone was on the same picture; Erica learns the that three sisters are three different race, Yumi a Border Collie, Katsumi a Jolteon, and the little fur android named Pixy. She was also told that there have no idea of how they ended up, until the little android told, Luna wanted for someone to entertain for her freedom; However Pixy told everyone that, Luna wasn’t telling much information and kept secret about their new friend which they end up bumped into.

“Now we better hurry before…Everyone get on my hand.” She felt unease, knowing that Luna was coming heading towards them; she hurry lay her hand on to the ground, allowing them to get on her palm. The three sisters, hurry climbed up the scaly hand, until Luna magically spawn out of nowhere and laying near a tall tree.

“Now please don’t ruined my fun. I’ve been trap for a millennia and I want to have my fun! Now dragon, if you be so kind hand over the Akiyama sisters please.” She sits up and watched the dragon to make her decision.

“Wait! Why us?” Yumi desperate for answer, which she rushed towards the tip of Erica’s fingers; which Erica quickly placed her finger down gently on Yumi, protectively for not to fall off. “Why us! Want do you want from us!”

“For freedom, but you know it’s fun talk to someone who isn’t mortal. Unlike the others who are boring and kept me in that prison. Now I can do what I ever want…Now come with me and will have some fun.”

Yumi couldn’t believe from hearing from Luna, even she figure out she was immortal; Katsumi who was slowly bit unease now she figured there secret they kept. Erica who wasn’t aware that these two girls were also immortal beings similar to Luna; however she wasn’t sure since they don’t look like they are some god like beings.

“Sorry I told her.” No then only Pixy, was the one she told Luna the truth about her two sister.

Katsumi grabed the little fluff android by the neck as she slowly strangle the little fur ball, until Yumi steps in to break them up.

“Now let’s play!” Luna raised her arms to the sky, as the forest slowly transforming, including the river is slowly rising up from the ground. Stone walls coming from the ground surrounding the four players; Luna who slowly rise to the sky, while few trees around supporting her footing protecting around her. “This forest, is my field. Erica, I’ll let you hang on to the Akiyama a little bit longer.”

“What she’s doing?” Yumi who witness the forest just transform into some arena, who couldn’t possibly believe with her own eyes.

“Her game just began…We have no choice to play her games to escape.” The Sorceress declare

“Seems interesting” Pixy replied, while she was interest in the games made by Luna.

Yumi and Katsumi who didn’t seemed interest of the game, while both the same time bap pixy on the head “Baka!” They both declared.

Deep in the forest new scenery, water flooded around the main middle of the path, and there exit is which is blocked by a huge door with only missing door knob; the sky, now covered by the tress branches, blocking Erica escape unable to fly out; only option for the four players to head for the door. As soon Erica, is near the door, she notice the door knob was missing and was nowhere in sight; the Sorceress first realize that the door knob was probably under the river that sounded them.

She first placed the three Akiyama sisters down on to the floor, as she took little bit closer to the river; for good while, she notice that the river was almost hollow as ice, as if the river just suddenly became ice. She couldn’t see the knob under, but until a small creature similar like shark, circling around one particular area under the river floor; inside the knob was indeed underneath the river, but was also guarded by pack of sharks guarding around the knob. These sharks were not ordinary sharks at all, but some sorts makeshifts like something made out of clay; Erica could just break through the ice with one punch or, just burn the ice with her fire but; there’s something odd about this room, which she notice few fines where around the ice. The vines seemed to connected to the door, like it is leak behind the door; a thought occurred, these vines is probably is a trap. If she use anything related with fire; something worse could happen, she keep continue thinking to try a different method instead her original plan. “I could break it-”

All sudden, the door opens by another person behind the doors. Erica who soon notice by the person who open the door; her rival slash former enemy, Alex the Lighting Dancer. Alex is a demigoddess Lycanthrope, who took appearance of a black wolf, just nearly at the size of ninety feet tall. Alex was a tribal who survived Erica’s destruction, that killed all of her people; leaving her the only survivor, despite her hatred against her; she for a while during her travels, she learn everything about the Sorceress past, and learn that she was corrupted by the dark magic that was given by her step father who wanted to take over the Oasis; which felled, until she was snap out of it by unknown dragon. During her travels she end up cut up between paths and end up in her adventures with her tiny human, over time her relationship with Erica eventually end up more of a friendly rivalry.

“Erica! Who is that monster?” Katsumi asked, while terrify seeing another giant.

“What do you said, little runt?!” The Lightning Dancer slowly slam her fist, almost nearly crushed Katsumi, who she end up fainted, which she was caught safely by her older sister.

Erica who chuckled, seeing her favorite “mutt” which she had enjoy making fun of her “Relax this mutt won’t hurt you, unless poke her.”

“Erica…WHAT THE HELL ARE WE!” She first panicked, for good while until she slowly went back to her cheerful mood “At first, Jack wake me up and told me took look for you, then all of sudden POOF! I was in a forest and lot of eyes looking at me, which I killed them all and then I found you. But we have a problem.”

“Like what?” Erica replied.

“There’s something bigger than us, guarding the exit.”
the misterious forest
there we go chapter 2 is released and you give credits to me and kamenrider97 please and coment if you want
Exxasmacrolo.sb2 Luna And Abby
LUNA ASNWER ANYTHING :death battle preview twelcome to death battle to night we have a fight of the century and its not twilight vs raven ! it is !luna vs katsumi a Young girl from dimension unknown yet who has Strong willpower size gun,and many other gadgets their sisters have built ,but besides kats

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CCA the revenge of darth fresh!
CCA Colony counter atack!
this is a gift to mr wilson! FROM CCA! enjoy 
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i am a boy who loves everything ,animes,games,romantic moves ,macro, micro,giantess,i am 16 years old , my name is rafael , mjy dream is become a game creator .
welll everybody have funs with the comics hope you like it ,any critique or something sent me a note see ya

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