How to install the Official dA v5 journal CSS?

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:pointr: Official dA v5 journal CSS Update Guide by osyris

Many of you asked to me how does this CSS work. Finally, I took time to make this small tutorial about the installation of my best deviation : Official dA v5 journal CSS.

First, go on the deviation's page and download it :



Uncompress it with the software of your choice (if you have not, download a freeware on > File compression).
You have three uncompressed files like below :


Open Journal_layout_v1.10.txt with Notepad :


Go on your deviantART's journal panel and do these steps :




Open now CSS_dA_v5_v1.10.txt with Notepad :


Now, click on Preview button and you could see example texts and advices to organize your journal content.


If you have errors, please check that you did not add blank spaces or new lines (out of your content)... Else, start again.

Find texts in Journal_layout_v1.20.txt and replace them by your content.

Tips : Never do Refresh (F5) on the Preview page otherwise, it will post the journal as an entry. Always click on the Preview button.

If you do not know how to make a big thumb like my "Still amazed for" feature, see on the right -> (shoutboard).

If you have problem(s), please read (again) the deviation page and this journal entry. After read more than 10 times and problem(s) hold(s), send me a note :).

:pointr: Official dA v5 journal CSS Update Guide by osyris

Good luck and be be deviant everyday with this CSS ;)

Deviously Yours,

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The images for the instructions dont show up on me screen Dx