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September 15, 2007
This is a pretty neat journal CSS, simple and sleek Official dA v5 journal CSS by =33xiT is great for those of you who want a variation on the deviantART standard style journal.
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Suggested by mc-cool
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Official dA v5 journal CSS



Official dA v5 journal CSS v1.21


Development: ~33xiT
Release date: Jan 13, 2007
Dedicated to: all deviantART's staff !
See also:
- Official dA v5 gallery CSS
- Official dA v6 journal CSS

Description: This is the official CSS of deviantART v5. If you like the dA v5 layout, you can customize your journal!!!

:pointr: How to install the Official dA v5 journal CSS?
:pointr: Official dA v5 journal CSS Update Guide by ~osyris

Please, stop to ask if you can use it! YES, you can use it, I built it for that ;) Thanks.

Featured in:
- The Best Journal CSS Templates
- =Gracies-Stock's journal
- *OibyrdsDDs's journal

- First Annual Themers' Galore Contest

- Compatible with Mozilla Firefox
- Compatible with Opera
- Compatible with Safari
- Compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (not tested on older versions)
- Current version : 1.20

- CSS 2.1
- Margins and paddings used
- Absolute position used for corners
- Floating div used for friends div (hidden for IE7 users)
- Floating div used for devicon
- Floating li used for top menu
- Layout picture mapping for picture link (a; a:hover; a:active)
- Layout pictures are hosted by me

Resolution compatibilty:
- less than 1024x768: not compatible
- 1024x768 : Ok if you remove some links from the top menu
- more than 1024x768 : compatible

.ZIP file contains:
- Journal_layout_v1.21 (div code to copy in your journal fields)
- CSS_dA_v5_v1.21 (CSS code to copy in your CSS field)
- Official_dA_v5_journal_CSS (my above exemple)

Note: The "comment it" button does not work in the preview mod (it's normal).
Note for IE7 users: It bugs on the journal preview (it's normal).


Known bugs:
- right corners are too much on the right

Changes at v1.01:
- Corners for IE7 (bug fixed)
- Margin on Text div removed (bug fixed)

Changes at v1.02:
- "watchme !" button don't move in function of your devlink length (new way of CSS code)

Changes at v1.03:
- Footer margin fixed in the comment journal page (bug fixed)

Changes at 1.10:
- Clubs div added

Changes at 1.20:
- All layout pictures URL
- Stamps div added
- Gallery link updated
- "watch me" button has been replaced by "comment it" button (direct access to the comment form)

Changes at 1.21:
- Image URL updated

:pointr: If you installed an earlier version of the current version, you need to update the CSS and the journal layout !
:pointr: Installation highlight : The Mood-list MUST be moved to the BOTTOM and at least ONE ELEMENT of this list must be filled!
:pointr: How to install the Official dA v5 journal CSS?
:pointr: Official dA v5 journal CSS Update Guide by ~osyris

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