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Official dA v5 gallery CSS



Official dA v5 gallery CSS v1.12


Development: ~33xiT
Release date: Dec 24, 2007
Dedicated to: all deviantART's staff!
Thanks: to `mindfuckx who posted some helpful GalleryCSS Reference Sheet
See also: Official dA v5 journal CSS

Description: If you liked the Official dA v5 journal CSS, you will probably enjoy the gallery CSS which goes along with ;)
Three versions are available : the right side description version, the left side one and the no description version.

:pointr: Check out Gallery Folder CSS Guide by ~osyris

- Compatible with Mozilla Firefox
- Compatible with Opera
- Compatible with Safari
- Not compatible with Internet Explorer (available: title, description and navigation bar)
- Current version : 1.12

- CSS 2.1
- Margins and paddings used
- Float and clear used for left version
- Layout picture mapping for picture link (a; a:hover; a:active)
- Layout pictures are hosted by me

.ZIP file contains:
- Right_CSS_dA_v5_v1.12 (right side description version)
- Left_CSS_dA_v5_v1.12 (left side description version)
- NoDesc_CSS_dA_v5_v1.12 (no description version)
- Official_dA_v5_gallery_CSS (my above exemple)


Known bugs:
:pointr: See CSS Lab'

Changes at 1.01:
- litterature (text) deviation bug fixed
- optimized CSS code

Changes at 1.02:
- enhanced alignment

Changes at 1.03:
- gallery title background fixed for long titles

Changes at 1.10:
- navigation bar CSS
- link color and style added
- bottom margin added to the gallery description
- deviation flow fixed (IE users)
- gallery title bug fixed (IE users)
- new picture layout (Safari users)
- some paddings are now in px (IE users)

Changes at 1.11:
- shadow padding fixed

Changes at 1.12:
- image URL updated

Note: To see real changes, click on "Done".

Be free to stop by my CSS Lab': [link]
Thanks for using this.

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i downloaded this but i found no code