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How to draw anime eye D

1: Using a pencil make a circle (Like the dotted line above).
2: Make a line across the top, cutting off the top bit of the circle. (Only cut off a little bit please) and then with your pencil start from the top right corner of the eye and move to the left. Make a "v" or "Check" coming back towards the inside of the eye.
3: Add a bottom line.
4: Add in a large eye reflection!
5: And because it is a female eye, we will add a few small light reflections to make the eye even cuter! One near the outside and one inwardish from the other side, but not towards the middle. ^w^
6: Time to make the pupil and cornea. Make a "u" in the eye right by the smaller light reflection.
7: Shade the pupil in with your pencil (Don't use pen yet!)
8: With this eye we are only going to thicken the upper lash to give the "eyelash" effect. We are now going to do this with the bottom lash, but not the whole bottom lash! We do not want this eye to have raccoon eye makeup O-o
This eye can be used for a "Tomboy/mellow" character ^3^
9: Let's finish this up! Add some lines in for the iris, and give her a eyelid above her eye. Erase the outer lines to the light reflections to the eye. Now ink it and you are done! (**Tip: Do not ink the third light reflection in the eye. Ink around it carefully. The ink will spread and consume more than what you think, so be wary to not lose it!)

My first eye tutorial was very popular :iconwthplz: And many people liked "D" XD so here it is!!!
Here is the original eye!

Eye B:
Eye C:

:iconpweaseplz: If possible, if you guys have any questions, could you please comment on the original eye tutorial? I find it hard to keep up with my comments if everybody comments on all different things -3- So I am disabling the comments on this piece of my art :iconorzplz: Forgive my selfishness.
But I'll get back to you quicker if you comment on the other eye tutorial! ;) Again here is the original:

Do not steal this, for teaching purposes XD
make your own style too! And if you do use this, link to the original eye tutorial and say "D" :3
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