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How to draw anime eye B(Girls eye)

1: Using a pencil make an oval (Like the dotted line above).
2: Make a line across the top and cut back in like a 'check' mark. Add a bottom line.
3: Add in the large eye reflections! Make one large one and two small ones.
4: Draw in the pupil and shade it in.
5: We're going to add in some lines as the iris, and then where the black arrow is pointing, make the lower line a little bit thicker.
6: First, where the red arrows are pointing, we are going to thicken the upper line. Next we are going to draw the lashes! For the lashes, work from the thick black lines outwards.
7: Now we are going to add short little lines on the outside of the eye. Note that we do not add the small lines to block in the light reflections.
8: Finally to the last step!!! Add in an eyelid, and then ink this beautiful eye!!!

:iconsobeautifulplz: The dirty deed is done...and it looks fabulous! :icononibowplz: Please try drawing this eye, and tell me/link me how you do :3
If you have questions, drop a comment below and I'll try answering it as best as I can.

Maybe in the future I'll do an actually "how to draw..." video and put it up on youtube. Would anyone look at it? Comment if you would :D
And spreading the tutorial love around to your friends would be nice too ^-^

:iconahemplz: Some other tutorials I made
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Tutorial by me.
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I think having How To Draw videos on YouTube would be a great idea!