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How to draw an anime eye C

1: Using a pencil make a circle (Like the dotted line above).
2: Make a line across the top, cutting off the top bit of the circle. Add a bottom line.
3: Add in the large eye reflections! Make one large one and two small ones.
4: Draw in the pupil and shade it in.
5: Where the dotted line is, shade the upper part of the eye (Don't draw the dotted lines of course) But do not shade where the red dotted curved line is. Leave that blank because we want to seperate the pupil pupil from the rest of the black part of the eye.
6: Add some lines in for the iris.
7: Extend one new line from both the bottom and the top lines from step 2. This is part of her eyelashes.
8: Eyelash time baby! Bring the eyelashes outwards, use the extended lines from step 7 to help guide you.
9: Give her a eyelid and you're done!

:icononibowplz: Thanks for looking at this!
:iconahemplz: Also, I'm blocking the comments, because I can't keep up with comments coming from all over :iconcryforeverplz:
Soooooooo if you have ANY QUESTIONS, please ask me on my ORIGINAL eye tutorial Which is found here:

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:iconpweaseplz: Don't steal either! I slaved my tush over to think of different drawing techniques Teaching purposes :iconhappyjapanplz: Link to the original if you tried this!
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