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ABC Expression Meme

EDITED: I've gotten a lot of messages asking what "Zeal" and "XXX" mean and what they should put there, so here's an explanation. XD

Zeal: enthusiasm; eager desire; keen interest; spirited; fervor

XXX: up to your interpretation - have your character make a seductive face, have your character blush, maybe your character stumbled across some porn/what would their reaction be?, etc. You can also just put something random there or have your character do something silly, random, or whatever. (:


Wuuuuut?! I made a meme? XD
I was going to go do an expression meme for my Rainbow Defect characters, but I couldn't find an expression meme that had everything that I wanted to do. Then I didn't know if I wanted to do each character with the same expression meme! : O So, I just decided to make my own. Then when making my own, I thought that you guys might want one too. Therefore, I have created this ABC Expression Meme for you guys that's going to be similar to the one I'm going to be filling out! :3

Enjoy and be sure to link me in the comments if you fill it out! I would love to see your finished version! :heart:

C: :heart:

ABC Expression Meme (c) :icon33snickerdoodle33:
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ABC Expression Meme Victoria by KarmaEmpress666
it was a good chance to Practice some expressions-
Thank you so much i really enjoyed it ^w^
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Abc expresiones

Completed! jejeje :DD

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Ruined the idea of drawing only one character but meh:  Crux Creation: Expressions Meme by CoreWorldProductions
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What does "Zeal" Even Mean?
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great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

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Alright then. Nice. ^^
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*looks on google*  how do you make sexual faces?
im forcing my self to do the xxx one
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Ooooooooh, do I daaaaaaaaarrrrrre?!
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nice! I think I'll use this to get used to my comic's characters. Thanks a lot!
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It won't let me download. :/
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 i think i messed up the last 2 but eh here is mine : D  lonk
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What does zeal mean anyways?

nobody gonna answer this anyway so imma just search it up
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Hellooooooo :3
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Hello there my fellow stalker. :3
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