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I slowly opened my eyes, waking up to the sound of my growling belly as well as the blasting alarm. I flapped my hand, shutting one off the sources of the nerve wrecking sounds and groaned in discomfort. Even with my back pressed tightly against the wall, my boobs spilled from the narrow bed and fell onto the floor, spreading all the way to the opposite wall and squishing against it. The bed was so small that even my round belly was starting to droop over the edge a little. Or maybe it was that I was so large. Looking at my body it probably was the latter, after all I couldn’t even reach the front of my boobs anymore.

As the time progressed I was only getting bigger and bigger, gaining weight faster than ever before. Most of the newly found weight settled on my already humongous chest, shifting the ratio between my boobs and the rest of me into a tie. It certainly didn’t mean that I wasn’t getting bigger all over, mostly evident on my hips that got wider than regular doors were. It was hardly noticeable change in my life however, given how much troubles I had with a different part of body.


Every day I struggled to rise to my feet. There just wasn’t enough space. My dorm room was so small that my tits had to be pressed against at least one of the walls in every moment I was inside. In my great endeavor to getting up my boob bumped into a tower made of thoroughly emptied flattened pizza boxes sending it to the ground, enhancing the mess in the room further. Discarded food containers covered every inch of the room that wasn’t already filled by my sizeable body.


The weight of my bosom didn’t really affect me when standing up, because they rested on the ground. Walking was a whole different story though. The fleshy orbs were so big now that I had to fully straighten my back in order to even slightly lift them from the floor. My back hurt as all hell and my knees were trembling, hassling with the massive weight forced upon them. I knew it wouldn’t take long before mobility was a thing of a past for me, but for now I was still fighting.

Looking down on my chest covered in food stains I knew I had to take a shower before heading down to a cafeteria. I reached for my large towel and put it in my cleavage, making it look tiny in the process.


Two tiny steps were all I needed to get my wobbly half naked form to the door out of my room… Well, two significant parts of it anyway. There were a couple of problems however. Even though my boobs were pressed against the door and the wall next to it, I was still too far to reach the door handle. I leaned forward, squishing my giant left mound against the poor tiny door, fumbling for the handle with my hand. I got my fingertips on it but I just couldn’t turn it yet. Maybe if I leaned just a bit more… I thought before putting more weight against the problematic exit. A ‘crack’ so loud it must have been heard all across the campus, informed me about my mistake. The hinges holding the door broke and the obstacle on the way out collapsed into the hallway.

“Oh, shit!” I cursed. “Shit, shit, shit!” I was already in trouble, because of breaking half a dozen chairs in classes during the semester. I let out a frustrated sigh. “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Now for the other problem…” The other problem was that even one my breasts was wider than the doorframe…


After a lot of effort I managed to squeeze my way through the door going one boob at a time, after a lot of practice I was getting pretty good at it, and started waddling down the narrow hallway to the bathroom, shared with the rest of the floor. I was almost as wide as the hall itself with only couple of inches on either side. Once again, after reaching the doorway to the bathroom, I had to force myself through a small opening, entering the surprisingly spacious compartment. In the tiled bathroom there were six showers divided by walls. Or at least that’s how it was when I started studying here at the university. Now there was one less wall, merging the two most left cubicles into one large. It still was rather tight fit though, with my tits touching the sides. Strong stream of warm water started pouring from both shower heads, massaging the smooth skin of my bosom, quivering its mass ever so slightly.


Monstrous rumble resonated through the bathroom, my stomach growling like a wounded animal, cutting my time in the shower short. I slipped my relatively slim hand underneath my right breast and rubbed my plump belly. “Oh, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” That’s actually not as much of an exaggeration as it used to be…


Naked as the day I was born I jiggled back to my tiny room. I had to carefully search with my foot where the collapsed door where, because no matter how I tried, there was nothing I could do to see them. Not with my jugs in the way. And I really didn’t want to trip on them. I didn’t care too much about having no doors to my room. After all, I spend most of the time in the cafeteria anyway. Besides I had one last exam in two days and then it was “Goodbye school, hello food”. As much as I was eating these days, it still felt as if I was holding back…


You wouldn’t believe how difficult even simple tasks like putting on clothes can be. I could really use a hand with this. I thought, struggling for at least fifteen minutes before I managed to squeeze into the stretchy tube top. I remembered how easily I could slip into it when I first got it. Though it might have been a dress back then… Thinking about it, it did seem like it was quite some time ago.

The poor top was stretched to its limit, barely covering my nipples, with soft flesh oozing from both sides, showing a massive cleavage and more underboob than anyone else could dream of.


I was in a hurry. The cafeteria was getting open in ten minutes. The thought of wasting even a single precious minute I could spend eating was sickening. I probably should have told someone about my door situation, but for me the food had a clear priority.

I, for obvious reasons, couldn’t quite move as quickly as I once could, but I dug deep and reached tempo nearing an average walking pace! My boobs were bouncing like crazy, bumping into the walls on either side and obscuring my view in the process.


Large droplets of sweat were streaming down my chubby cheeks, red from exertion. I couldn’t catch my breath, even though I “ran” for less than a minute. But at least I reached the end of the hall, I reached the elevator.  I tilted forward just a little, resting my tits on the ground and used the remaining energy to press the button. My knees buckled and I plopped face first into my own cleavage. As impractical as my boobs were, they were a fantastic pillow.


The bell ringed, announcing the arrival of the elevator and I rose to my feet. Inside the elevator there was a slender, yet muscular, at least a foot taller than me and rather good looking guy staring into his phone, raising his head only when I succeeded in pushing my breasts in through the narrow door, forcing my way inside. His eyes widened in shock and he dropped his phone. He quickly bent over in order to pick it up, his head bumping straight into my boob. He apologized, red in face and shifting nervously he tried to become the wall.

“Uhm, would you mind if I moved a bit closer to you?” I asked still standing in the entrance.

“But… You’re like an inch from bumping into me!”

“Yeah, but my ass is still outside. Guess I’ll have to press against you a bit…” I gave him an awkward smile, still self-conscious about my size.

“Ah, uh. I-I see. Uh. Alright? I guess?” He was redder than a tomato, sweating.

I angled my hips slightly in order to fit my butt through the door and crammed the rest of my body inside the small elevator. I can’t believe six people are supposed to fit inside here. My boobs were tightly pressed against the poor skinny boy as well as against the side walls. “Oh,” I gave him by best smile, “I’m Courtney by the way.”

“Boob- Brian! I mean Brian!” I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any redder than he was already, but somehow he managed it.

“Nice to meet you, Brian.”

“I’ve seen you around before.”

“I’m getting kinda hard to miss lately.”

“I’ve never… I never knew how pretty you are up close.”

Now it was my turn to blush. At my size I didn’t get as many compliments as I would like to. What I usually got was verbal abuse.

Brian shifted, trying to hide the effect of being enveloped by my bosom had on his body, but confined in such a small space he couldn’t succeed.

The elevator began to move downwards very slowly, shaking slightly. Brian’s eyes glided across my body. “I-I don’t mean to be rude, but… H-how much do you weigh?” I raised my eyebrow. “I-I-I’m only asking because the elevator – it has thousand pounds weight limit.”

“I am not thousand pounds!” I gasped appalled, staring daggers at him.

“I-I’m not saying you are! But I’m like two hundred and… you do take up a lot of space…”

“Oh, right… I haven’t weighed in a while.” I admitted. I can’t be over 800 pounds, can I?

The elevator wobbled and the color vanished from Brian’s face. “How much were you when you last weighed?”

“I don’t know. I-uh I broke the scale.”

The elevator was starting to shake more and more, sending waves through my soft bosom. Brian swallowed heavily. “We’re going to die!” He yelped only half-jokingly.

“Relax. I’ve been using this thing every single day.” I tried to sound unconcerned even though I hardly felt that way. “Although it’s true that this is the first time I’m not alone…” For some reason he didn’t look any calmer.

There was a loud sound and the elevator started picking up speed, going faster than it should. “If we survive this, will you go out with me?!” Brian yelled with his eyes widened in panic and blood rushing into his cheeks again.


With a loud ding the doors opened, ending the bumpy nerve wrecking ride. I hurried wanting to be out of the confined space, forgetting about the size of my bottom. “Well, this is awkward…” I said, trying to wiggle my ass out of the narrow door. I could neither move back nor forward.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m stuck. Do you think you could give me a push?”

Brian leaned against my squishy breasts, using everything he had, but there was only so much he could do. Even one of my tits might have weighed more than he did.

I let out a frustrated sigh. “Why do things like this keep happening to me?” My stomach let out a thunderous roar. “Gosh, I’m hungry!”


My posterior fortunately wasn’t quite as large as my mammaries were and so it took only a few minutes before I successfully wriggled my way out.

“So… Where would you like to take me?” I asked once I manipulated the rest of body from the little space.

“We could watch some movie.” I frowned. Not the answer I wanted to hear. “Or maybe, uhm, a lunch?”

My full lips curled into a smile. “Lunch sounds nice.”

Brian looked at his watch. “Shit, I’m gonna be late for my exam! Where will I find you?” He shouted running away.

“I’ll be in the cafeteria.” I sighed, doubting he would actually come. “Stuffing my face like always.” I said quietly to myself.


The uni’s cafeteria was huge. It was probably the only place on the whole campus, where I didn’t feel constricted by walls.

I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t very popular among other students, due to my size it seemed like I was always getting in the way, but at least a few people appreciated me. Spending as much time as I could there, I became quite close with the cafeteria staff. They even brought me food whenever I finished my plate! They were so nice. I plopped down on my usual place and pulled out a tablet from my cleavage. As ravenous as I was, I still had to study for my exam. The three chairs I was sitting on were creaking under my weight.


Hours upon hours have passed and I was eating the whole time. I didn’t know what I was eating, didn’t feel the taste, shoveling the food inside of me like some kind of machine. I didn’t have any pleasure from eating, I ate out of sheer necessity. I missed the joy it used to give me. My middle was swelling with the insane amounts of sustenance, pressing more and more against my squishy bosom.

My tablet slipped from my greasy fingers, falling to the ground. “Fuck!” Picking up small items from the floor was slowly heading from ‘extremely challenging’ into the realms of ‘impossible’. Luckily for me somebody else picked the tablet up and handed it back to me. It was Brian.


It was a weird day. I was leaving the campus’s dining area before it was closing and it wasn’t because I had a class. I was heading on a date. Going on dates was very rare for me and it usually didn’t end so well. My problem was that guys always expected… I don’t really know what they expected. That I’ll be holding back with my eating for their sake? They just couldn’t understand I wasn’t eating out of greed or gluttony or anything like that. It may have been the truth in the past, but now I just had to! I had to fill my body as much as I could, even though it didn’t give me the pleasure it once did. Fortunately Brian understood. Or at least he didn’t complain.


The date went rather well. Unlike some of his predecessors, Brian was smart enough to take me to an all you can eat buffet. I doubt the owners were as happy about it as I was though. By the time we were leaving, with a lifetime ban might I add, there wasn’t enough food in the whole building left to even fill another plate. Brian didn’t contribute too much to it though.




I was woken up by sunlight after a lengthy uninterrupted sleep. I wasn’t used to waking up with the sun already high up in the sky. My constant hunger made sure of that. I’m not even hungry! That’s weird. I thought to myself. To be perfectly honest I was hungry, it just wasn’t that uncontrollable need to eat I was used to. The day of my twenty-third birthday was certainly off to a strange start.


I used the weight of my bust to roll out of the bed and got up onto my feet. Walking to my closet I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I never spent too much time in front of a mirror and lately there wasn’t much more to see in it other than my majestic bosom. It always shocked me just how large I actually looked. My boobs were already so big that when I walked they sometimes bumped into the ground. The way they were growing it wouldn’t take long before I would have to drag them along the floor in order to move. I should get some sort of wheelbarrow or something… I reckoned shaking my head in disbelief, before moving towards the wardrobe.


It was weird to actually have time to choose what I was going to wear. Usually I simply put on the first piece of clothing I could find and fit into, wasting no time I could spent filling my gut. Scattering through the contents of the closet I was throwing over my shoulder clothes that were too small for me, creating a tall pile from it. The only thing that fit me well was a simple white t-shirt. It was so big it could probably serve as a tent for a family. Not mine family though…


I threw the clothes I intended to wear on my bed and started wobbly walk back to it. Once again something caught my eye. This time it was a new scale, one that I’ve never used before. Feeling only slight discomfort from my slowly waking stomach I was in no rush to go get my breakfast. “I might as well weigh myself…”


“You weigh eight hundred and sixty-five pounds.” The scale announced in a clear female voice. “It is an ideal weight for a person…” The scale calculated for a few seconds. “Thirteen feet and ten inches tall.”

“Oh, shut up you judgmental bitch!” I yelled at the scale, kicking it lightly. I let out a sigh. “I miss my old scale…” I didn’t mind being fat, even though it was becoming more and more of a hassle as the time progressed, but sometimes… it just didn’t feel so well to be reminded just how fat I was. My boobs were clearly the most obvious part, but the rest of me was getting huge as well. Let’s say I didn’t prefer sitting on three chairs just to spread my weight. I’m not even going to talk about my thighs, rubbing together so much that it was always just a matter of time before my pants had holes in them. Even my belly was protruding much more than it used to, trying to spill over the waistband of my pants more often than not. Although it wasn’t too apparent, since it was hidden by my tits most of the time.

I didn’t carry much of the weight on my face though. Sure, I had chubby cheeks and definite case of double chin, but in comparison with my body it seemed like nothing.


Fully clothed I slowly made my way to the kitchen, where my mom was already making lunch. “Happy birthday, honey!” Mom exclaimed when she saw me. She tried to give me hug but… hugs didn’t really work with my physique.

Mom pushed a large tray to me, a tray overflowing with pancakes. “I made you these a while ago, I didn’t expect you to stay in bed for so long.”

My mouth watered and I couldn’t wait to dig in. “I’ll take care of them.”

I planted my large buttocks on the couch in living room and began eating without hesitation. A myriad of flavors overcame my taste buds, sending me to heaven. I moaned in pleasure. Food simply didn’t taste this good in months, no matter what I ate. The huge pile of pancakes was quickly diminishing and only few minutes later they were all gone, safely packed inside my slightly distended belly. I leaned back and let out a satisfied sigh. I felt great and for once, I had no need for eating more. Sitting there taking up half of the couch I found thoughts drifting, floating away from me. I thought of Brian even though I barely knew him.


The day was weird. It was my birthday, but it was only me and my mom and it was to stay that way. Amber was with her newborn daughter and Cheryl was stuck at work. Hopefully not literally stuck… From what I’ve heard, Kelly finally stopped gaining once she reached a full metric ton, forced to rely on other people more than ever. Dad was abroad for business matters and so it left me, mom, me and huge amount of food. Did I say me twice? It doesn’t really matter. There was enough of me to count for two anyway…


I was absolutely stuffed. With no one else to partake in the feasting I had to take care of more food than I usually did. I was back to greed and gluttony, probably eating more than I ever did before. I simply had to compensate for the missing members of family, don’t you think? Besides everything tasted so good again! My overfed gut extended further than my boobs, as a testament to just how much food I gobbled down.


I sat at a table alone, forced to stay there over night by my own overindulgence. Unable to deny myself of the pleasures of filling my gut, I was immobilized by its size.

The biggest part of the table was taken by my massive bosom. The table groaned under the weight, but it managed to withstand it. Too full to move, barely able to even breathe my mind was hazy and clouded. The only constantly returning thought was Brian. I sighed and thought to myself. I have a problem…

I really had fun writing this. I feel like every other word is 'boobs' though...
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this magic must be shared
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I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)
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why cant i have this curse?
Littlexim Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018
I swear I read a story like this where there was a family cursed long ago by a witch, and it was described as some sort of “call” to eat. It wasn’t a two parter, and I remember that the protagonists sister distinctly ate whatever she wanted, but after revealing her condition to her boyfriend she does too.  I can’t find it though, does anyone know what I’m talking about?
Littlexim Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018
Nevermind, found it; it was “you’ll want it” by Apidose-Rex. This story is really good too though, you did a good job Bob!
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Can't wait to see how things work out with Brian, he licked into a pretty swell girl.
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I'm certainly glad you're enjoying the story. There should be one more part to come to end the story. Then again I thought I was ending the story when I started writing part II...
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I just sent you a note.
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To be fair, in any place where Courtney is, every other square inch is boobs. =P
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Exactly! It's not that I suck at writing, it's all Courtney's fault :)
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This was awesome and great
333Blebleble333 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018
Glad you think so
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Oh man this was great!

There had better be a part IV!
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There'll definitely be part IV. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
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