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Family Curse III :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 75 11
Mature content
Family Curse II :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 101 29
Family Curse
I couldn’t fall asleep, rolling in my bed, pondering. I was nervous. Tomorrow was my twenty fifth birthday and in my family it was kind of a big deal. If you were woman that is. Every female, as far as anyone could remember, seemed to blow up after reaching this age. It didn’t matter how slim and skinny you were before, there seemed to be no escape from this fate.
I was determined to be the one to change it, to be the exception from the rule. I didn’t spend hours upon hours in the gym just to let my toned athletic figure disappear. I worked too hard to get my rock hard abs and there was no way I would let it go in vain just because of some stupid family diagnosis. Mom called it a family curse, but surely there was nothing like that. The fact they all became lazy gluttons can hardly be considered a curse… I was sure that if I just maintained my current regime then nothing wrong could happen.
Reassured by my reasoning I drifted into sleep.
I woke up starvin
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 302 17
Mature content
Kate and Jenny part 1 (redone) :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 64 9
A night to remember
It was that time of the year again. The days were growing shorter, the weather was getting chillier and trees were mostly leafless as they were going to stay for the upcoming months. It wouldn’t take too long before autumn turned into winter, hopefully covering the ground with pure white snow, giving the world a false impression of innocence.
Come on Amy, snap out of it! Today you don’t have the time to sit on your ass daydreaming! With a sigh I jumped to my feet, causing my ample bosom to jiggle wildly. I headed to the kitchen, knowing there was no easy way out from all the work that awaited me. This was the first time I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and I had a lot to do in order to make it perfect, a real night to remember. It was quite unusual that I was all alone right now. My family usually got together a day before, but this year everyone seemed to be too busy with their lives that it simply didn’t work out. I was glad, to be honest, that they woul
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 34 3
A bit of a belly 1.
I stepped on a scale. I had to crane my neck just slightly in order to see the numbers on the scale over the curve of my belly. “Yep, it has happened at last.” It was destined to come and now… Now the time has finally come apparently. I’ve been dancing around it, nearing to that significant point, for a while. Today is the day, I’m officially two hundred pounds. For some people, most girls I know, it would be a reason to freak out, but not for me. After all I accepted my fate long ago. It would be stupid not to, I knew myself too well for that. I was a glutton and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. And if it meant I would have to carry around a bit of a belly, so be it. My soft, round and squishy tummy, that seemed to steal almost every extra pound for itself, was here to stay and I was cool with it. I’d even go so far and say that it looked sexy and sometimes at night I couldn’t keep my hands of it.
I started getting fat, becaus
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 114 18
Tiny Little, Eater
Today is a very special day for me. It is the day when I’m officially turning into an adult, my eighteenth birthday. The day you turn eighteen is obviously very important for everybody, but I would dare to say that for me it’s little more significant day than for most people. But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Christina Little, but everybody calls me Tiny and the story I’m about to tell you started long four years ago…
I always thought that our family name ‘Little’ was kinda ironic, because none of the family fitted into the image people would get when they heard it. Well, no one except for me. There was my dad, bear of a man, well over 6 feet with a proper beer gut. My mom was also very tall, just an inch or two short of 6 feet, with a soft padding evenly spread across her body. Even Marty, my little brother, was clearly showing that he would carry on in the family legacy, already almost a full foot taller than me wrapped in a
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 112 10
Kate and Jenny part 20
“Jenny? Hey! Can you hear me?” No response. She was obviously in a world of her own and my words fell on deaf ears. I couldn’t wrap my head around how huge her gut has become. It rivaled yoga ball in size and she was only just fitting through the doorframe. Her T-shirt was stained with food and torn at the side. Just how much food did she eat?! How does she even manage to stand? Let alone walk?
Walking might have been a bit too strong word for what she was doing, considering that her mighty belly was getting in the way of her legs, pressing against her hefty thighs and so she just sort of waddled forward. But she was still moving forward and that was impressive! I opened the door to Jenny’s bedroom and helped her navigate her bloated body onto her bed, which wasn’t an easy task with Jenny being mentally absent. Somehow I managed to get her there without any great struggle, but the blank look on her face when she lied there worried me.
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 57 22
Kate and Jenny part 19
My stomach let out a loud rumble. I deeply regretted the decision to only have a light breakfast today and now I was starving. It made perfect sense in my head to eat only little in the morning, leaving me with more space for the huge amount of pizza that was going to challenge my eating abilities. I did however underestimate the hunger that plagued me because of it and which I had to overcome for the long hours that were to come before I could satisfy it.
Angie went to the gym saying she had to work off my mum’s cooking and I had two choices in front of me. Either I could join her in the gym or I could go to Dana’s. Naturally I opted for the latter.
It probably wasn’t the best idea of my life to go into a bakery when I felt like I could eat a horse, but I needed to talk with Dana. After all I was supposed to start working there tomorrow and I didn’t know when I should turn up. It’ll be a test of will, but I have to resist buying any
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 50 20
Kate and Jenny part 18
We were alone. Angie’s eyes immediately turned to my bloated midsection, which grasped her sight with its irresistible gravity. The slight blush on Angie’s cheeks made her even more beautiful in my eyes. I longed for her touch. I craved it with all of my being. I almost felt how heavenly it would be if her nimble fingers were laid upon the globe of my stomach, how I would relish in her gentle touch.
“I-I think I should go…” Angie said with her eyes still glued to my abdomen. No, no, no! I wanted to scream. She can’t leave now!
Before I could say anything a lightning struck outside. Mere milliseconds later a deafening thunder shook the house and I knew exactly what to say.
“You want to go home in this weather? Don’t be ridiculous! You can stay right here.” Angie slept over in our house before and there was a chair bed in my room just for that purpose. I secretly hoped she’d opted to share the bed with me th
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 47 8
Kate and Jenny part 17
“Well, that went better than I expected.” I said out loud to the empty café. James left a few minutes earlier, but I decided to linger for a bit longer. Call me paranoid, but I wasn’t thrilled from the idea of leaving together. I took one last sip to finish the coffee and headed home as well.
God, I’m tired. Every weary step I took felt like a mile as I slowly made my way home. Every muscle of my body ached. My boobs became a massive burden, bouncing up and down without their usual confinement, slowing me down and draining every last bit of energy from my exhausted body. That’s the last time I go anywhere bra-less!  I can’t describe the relief I felt when I finally stood in front of our house. Just a few more steps!
Upon entering the house, my nostrils were immediately hit by a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. I felt like in one of those old cartoons where the characters just start floating, f
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 52 8
Nothing like home I.
The plane has finally landed. Hours upon hours spent sitting took its toll and right now, I was irritated and my butt felt very sore. But it was worth it. I couldn’t believe that almost a whole year has passed since I was home for the last time. I’ve never been apart from my family for so long and now… I couldn’t wait to see them all again. Especially Natalie, my little sister. We were always really close to each other and I missed my little sidekick more than anyone else. I was looking forward to hear what she’ll going to say when she sees me. You see, the year I spent studying abroad I was completely on my own and that also meant I had to take care of my meals and to be honest, I’m a horrible cook and so I usually ended up eating take-outs. Naturally it only meant that I couldn’t avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen, but I guess I was luckier than most. Most of the extra weight found its way to my chest as my boobs grew from very decent D cups
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 74 12
Mature content
Kate and Jenny part 16 :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 57 10
Kate and Jenny part 15
I snored so loudly it woke me up. Confused I tried to get up, only to be brought back to reality by my swollen midsection that still prevented me from any movement, even though it was noticeably smaller now, it was still quite a lot bigger than it was in the morning. I yawned and stretched. “Hey, how long was I asleep?” I asked Angie sleepily. She was sitting on the floor, leaning her back against the couch and still caressing my, now much better feeling, belly.
“Hey. About two hours, maybe slightly longer.”
“And you were rubbing it whole that time?”
“Most of it, yeah. You kept groaning while you slept and you looked so uncomfortable and it looked so tight and painful that I even put on some lotion to relieve you.”
“Really? Wow. You’re a life saver! I definitely owe you one.”
“Don’t mention it.”
With great affection I fondled my belly. You hear that Mr. Tummy? It seems like you found yourself a
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 56 4
Mature content
That girl I used to love :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 205 26
Mature content
Kate and Jenny part 14 :icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 55 7

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Commission: First Person Story
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In the upcoming weeks, I would like to...

1. Finish A bit of a Belly 2 (It's about halfway done)
2. Procrastinate
3. Finish reading Kate and Jenny
4. Kate and Jenny part 21
5. Procrastinate some more
6. Family Curse IV
7. ???

The survey stays relevant...

Answers so far... If you're curious.
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Don't you just hate it when you have to read through twenty parts of a story you wrote, because you haven't touched it in eight months and now you can't remember shit?
Well, I'm having way too much fun writing about Courtney. Family Curse will have four parts...
I have a good news (I hope) and a bad news. The bad news is that I won't be able to finish Family Curse on the weekend. The good news is that it's only because there'll be a third part some time in the future. I... got carried away. Anyway, the second part should be up tomorrow.
The sequel to Family Curse is about halfway done. I plan to finish it on the weekend...


Czech Republic
Weird weirdo, who likes to write shitty stories, using his poor English

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