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Muku 1.0.1

Mac OS X Original Theme By Daisuke Yamashita
DSKY [link]
Thank you for permission. Daisuke Yamashita

~Visual Styles Introduction~
Normal, 1Type only
All Font, LucidaGrande

~Other skin~
1. ObjectBar
2. Looca
3. Firefox1.0.7
4. Styler TB

Big Thanks To ESPA [link] and HaL [link]
© 2006 - 2021 326MICHIRU
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please make it for windows 7??????
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How do I use this on my mac?
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This is one of my all time favorites, the only thing preventing me from using it more is the fonts.
They look somehow smudged and uneven.
I disabled Clear type but its still the same. If anyone has a solution, I would be eternally grateful, I noticed this on several VS's, usually the best ones.
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beautiful and well done, I'd really like to see a "dark wood" version of this. (mostly because I came upon this looking for something to go with the darkwood background)
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How do I apply the styles??
I´m new when it comes to customizing a mac ^^,
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this is a windows theme, for Windowblinds if im not mistaken.
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What?? I don´t use Windows. Im a Mac user
Hi, very good gallery ;)
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Very nice port !
I always seem to go back to your Muku !
Thank you for sharing
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Thank you so much for sharing
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I've been using this all day now and absolutely LOVE it! There's a wierd thing with the progress bar in Agent, but I can live with it. It's simple and very classic looking. Great job!
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hey i made another stylet toolbar for it..all gold...since i made a mod muku for myself all golden...
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good look!
thanks for sharing!
how do i instal this in firefox? how do i instal itunes skins? can someone help?
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Yeah no one uses 1.0 anymore. It pisses alot of people off.
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Is there any way to update it for Firefox 1.5?

The integration I have without it just looks horrible.

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The tabs don't work. You can't see the tabs, it just shows the silver background.
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I noticed on previews for other Muku skins, that You have the X + -- Buttons on the left. How can We do that?
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can someone make WP Muku to fit this theme? (just like the background of preview image)
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awsome man, this is my theme thanks for this michieboy :clap:
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