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April 6, 2008
Ian Tregillis Wallpaper by ~3232design is a smashing display of period inspired Science-fiction. Having delved deep into every detail of the piece, I can hardly take my eyes off it. Completely mesmerizing. Enjoy it on your desktop today!
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Ian Tregillis Wallpaper

Wallpaper I did for based on the design I recently completed for him.

Looks like it's not the full resolution. There are a few different resolutions at his website, along with some screensavers as well. [link]
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Hi I admire your work tremendously but wanted to say it's advertised in Pinterest as  " Free" download. I typed in free stempunk graphics and your came up. 
Yeah but it took about 12 seconds to make it considering that's Lightquicks Timepiece in the middle & the rest is all easily scounged gadgets. The wall paper has been snagged also. All Ian did was throw in some hyper links. Looks great brother but give credit where its due. Uncle Ebert & Harry are geniuses with those magnificent gizmos so tell the people where they really came from from.
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Splendid work!
Osmosis-Squirrel's avatar
You are so lucky to get this job <3 I love you forever
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outstanding exceptional piece
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I featured this in my journal: [link]
sevenofeleven's avatar
Looks great.

Apologies if this is not the right place or if Ian Tregillis knows already, there is a club called the Lost Book club, this artwork and others might be a good fit.

Ahmedqatar's avatar
Fantastic !!

:+fav: .. no dout !!!
Blue-Cherub's avatar
Forget it! I just entered...It's, absolutely, STUNNING!
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Other people missed it too. I'm glad you found it, finally. For anyone else who didn't see the web address in the wallpaper, it's [link] (
Blue-Cherub's avatar
I really, really love it. Completely out of the ordinary. Where is the link to the website?
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Beautifully done, congrats on the DD :)
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I followed the page to the website :faint: wow! Beautiful! :clap:
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I am scouting for work for my Lost Book Club and Museum:iconlostbooks:, and I think this piece would be a good fit. I wonder if you would grant us permission to post it in the club gallery for the amazement and edification of our small but growing audience. I thank you for considering this request.

Best Regards,
James Koehnline
Director/Curator, The Lost Book Club and Museum
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Sure, it sounds interesting. How can I get to the club gallery to see it?
lostbooks's avatar
Your piece has been posted: [link]

:iconlostbooks: [link]
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great job on this! 8D
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An image alone doesn't do the site justice. I may have missed some of it, but the interaction on the site was amazing as far as being able to select the date or type on the typewriter.

cliqueofone's avatar
I thought the wallpaper alone was incredible...
then I clicked on the link to see the piece in action and it was honestly jaw-dropping.
Just amazing.
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very amazing! good job!
This is exquisite.
Spartenas-dream's avatar
ohhh... i love this.. its so kool ^^... love love love ^^
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a LIL (little) not "lol" XD ...
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