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Seamless Diamond Pattern

This is a pack of seamless Diamond Scatter Patterns. This was made by me, and I am releasing it for the many members of the DeviantArt community. Feel free to use these for your own personal projects, but please contact me before using it for anything commercial.

You may find you need to size the image prior to setting the pattern in Photoshop, as the scaling function in Photoshop "Pattern Overlay" palette greatly affects the image quality of the pattern.

I may do a .eps version for Illustrator if there is enough popularity of this pattern.
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Hello, I downloaded and it's beautiful, i'll use for my homepage, it's OK?
is it ok to use it at my Homepage as background?
Thanks alot
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this is pretty it looks clean and fancy
Hi, nice work!
Would it be okay to use your image as fashion jewellery webshop background?
Thanks in advance
Hello, I really like this picture. Can I use it as a background for my website (blogging and selling) and even in a book? 
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downloaded! thank you!
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Hi, I'd love to use your background for my school yearbook background. Please respond to at your early convenience, thaaaanks :)
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Hi, is it okay to use this for the background of my storenvy (selling used clothes)?
Hi can I use this for an app I am developing please?
Hi 321impact could you email me your contact details to I would like to speak to you about this design for commercial use. cheers mate
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I hope you don't mind me using this for the background of my tumblr theme, its lovely :)
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Awesome!!! Thanks :D
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Releasing your works for the members of the DeviantArt community just GREAT! Thanks
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May I use this for a tumblr profile? I will credit you if you like :)
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thanks a lot for sharing! these are great:)
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I love it, just what I was looking for!
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thank you! hows that EPS coming along ?
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Thanks for this. It'll be useful!
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