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Unfortunately, at this time, the DA page is an archive in progress, is our main page.

General Rules

  • Every day at 7AM CST, 1PM CST, 7PM CST, and 1AM CST there will be art challenges.
  • You may submit to as many of these challenges as you like as many times as you like while they are running.
  • When the challenge goes up you will have a period of time to create your art, this is usually 30 minutes but may vary.
  • The above period is always followed by a 15 minute period of time to submit the art and this 15 minutes is the only time submissions will be accepted. We do grant a small amount of leeway here as we understand sometimes there are issues in the way.
  • Submissions are to be sent to and not directly to the Tumblr’s /submit page. For security reasons not everyone can access that box.
  • You may use the 15 minute submission window to do things to your art, however don’t mess around and miss your chance to submit.
  • If you wish to be credited, include your artist/site name in the submission form. If you wish to be anonymous they are optional.
  • Both SFW and NSFW submissions are allowed!
  • Some challenges will be either NSFW or SFW exclusive. But the challenge itself should state this if it is so.
  • Nothing is off limits, but we will have to abide by posting rules of the sites we use.
  • This means Tumblr will contain everything sfw and nsfw up to a point, Derpibooru everything not quite Tumblr safe that’s pony, and most likely Sankaku for the few other exceptions.
  • (For long time followers of the challenge, yes, this means our general rules have loosened. If you want to submit Winona on Applebloom action or decapitated Zecora or something you now can.)
  • Beyond that we reserve the right not to post things for any reason we see fit. This shouldn’t really come up, but, you know, we reserve the right.
  • Shortly after the submission box is closed we will (hopefully) quickly post the art suitable for Tumblr. Submissions not suitable for Tumblr may take longer- anywhere from slowing things in general a few minutes to having to wait until a mod with a Sankaku page is available.

Roundup Rules

This has been around for awhile, but for those that have been gone a long time or are new The Roundup is for…

  • Doing art for challenges you liked but missed
  • Showing off updated art from a challenge you did do
  • Alternative art that is hard to quantify the time/effort of such as Gary’s Mod or cosplay.

Every two to three weeks starting on Sunday around 8 PM CST we will accept such pieces and post them on Monday around 9 PM CST to appropriate places as described in the general rules with the note that they are not normal challenge art but updates or whatever applies.

Art submitted for The Roundup is not timed in any shape or form. If you take 30 minutes or 30 hours it’s fine either way. It could be done before the submission period even started!

There is no expiration period on what challenges you can do for The Roundup, so if you know of one from years ago you can still submit art based on it just as easily as you could one for last week.

We do request you tell us what challenge the art is related to however. With all the challenges it could be and sometimes connections that seem unclear to the admins this is for the best.

BASICALLY this is the no pressure extension of the challenges. Do it whenever and submit it on an appropriate Sunday. This is to show off your updates and do art for concepts you really liked, that’s all really.

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