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Unfortunately, at this time, the DA page is an archive in progress, 30minchallenge.tumblr.com is our main page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you take challenge requests/ideas?
Answer: You can submit ideas, but we may or may not use them.

Question: What times are the challenges at? What days of the week?
Answer: We do challenges every day! Four times a day in fact, The Celestia Challenge at 7AM CST, The Cadance Challenge at 1PM CST, the Twilight Challenge at 7PM CST, and The Luna Challenge at 1AM CST.

Question: How do I submit?
Answer: See rules page.

Question: Can I submit anonymously?
Answer: Of course! Just don’t fill in the name/url boxes. Any amount of info you give is fine, it’s up to you.

Question: Can I submit anthros/furries? What about humanizations? Or is it Just pure ponies?
Answer: Yes and yes! We allow pony in whatever form you’d like to give it.

Question: Does it have to be ponies/a pony? What about a griffon or a dragon, or other species?
Answer: As long as it is a species canon to MLP and fits the challenge theme you can do any species characters you want, not just ponies.

Question: Can I use my OCs for challenges?
Answer: Yes! As long as it fits the theme. If the theme is Lyra and Bonbon and you draw them both, sure, you can also draw your character. If the theme is wearing a skirt as long as your OC does so they’re fine. And so on and so on.

Question: I had a technical glitch and missed the submission window/The box closed right when I was submitting! Can I still submit my art somehow?
Answer: It depends! Some of us run challenges differently than others. Generally the answer is yes. Just send us an ask to make sure. However, don’t take too long. The longer you take to alert us to the problem the more likely it is we are going to think it’s a bit of cheating and not add it to the challenge submissions.

Question: I’m having a problem getting my submission in with my mobile device! What should I do!?
Answer: Probably stop using a mobile device and use a computer!
Failing that however the best advice we have is to NOT use the ‘mobile app’. Instead use the device’s web browser and the normal Tumblr page.
If that doesn’t help you we probably, sadly, can not help you with this issue.

Question: Can you make a separate Tumblr/DA/Whatever for (thing)?
Answer: Sorry, but no. Our main content is MLP related, but we still like to offer up a little variety. Just not enough to make a reasonable separate page out of.

Question: When are the non-pony challenges?
Answer: The non-pony challenges are once a week on Friday and alternate between challenges, so it’s either Celestia & Twilight or Cadance & Luna on Fridays.

Question: Non Pony? How dare you!? I want to pony!
Answer: Calm down thar. Non Pony just means the topic is not pony centered. It could be show or game themed or who knows what, but doesn’t demand pony. But! It can be ‘ponified’ if you wish. So essentially if you want to pony you can still pony.

Question: How do you tag your challenges?
Answer: All our challenges should be tagged with 30minchallenge, the artist’s submitted name, and a variation of sfw or nsfw regardless of site. Beyond that all the mods are different and may not tag things the same. Generally though if you search a canon character’s full name as a tag you will find challenges that included them, such as Twilight Sparkle, Mayor Mare, or Applejack. Princess Celestia and such characters with titles may or may not be tagged with them.

Question: Hey! Some of these challenges aren’t 30 minutes! And the 15 minute submission window could be full of people still working on their art! what gives!?
Answer: We’re fully aware of how people may utilize the submission window. That choice is theirs to make. As for the 15 minute (or ‘hard mode’) challenges and 45 minute challenges, well, variety is the spice of life. Some like quick and simple challenges, others may like a challenge with more room for detail or the chance to take their time. We try to make sure 45 minute challenges are warranted in their longer periods, but it is worth noting that if it upsets you you do not have to utilize the full time allotted to you.
Plus the hard mode challenges are actually a total of 30 minutes, so that’s kind of neat, right?

Question: Can we age up characters so that suggestive art of them can be posted on Tumblr rather than Derpibooru or Sankaku? 
Answer: Yes! But it should be quite clear. If it isn’t clear we have to send it elsewhere. How you make it clear is up to you to determine.

Question: Can you promote my event or charity?
Answer: It won’t hurt to ask!
If you are a charity that wants to work with us in some capacity we may be inclined to work with you. We can work in a Safe For Work capacity with you, but be aware that we are host to other Not Safe For Work content and this will not change.
If you want to promote your site through us you can do so by submitting art to challenges and writing your Tumblr or other address on the work. Otherwise it’s not likely.

Question: Why are things kinda all over the place site wise?
Answer: Unfortunately every site has their own nitpicky rules and we want to let you have a challenge without such rules. So that means we must spread across formats some.

Question: What does RTFM mean?
Answer: It means “Read The Fucking Manual”. This is put in place for those who feel the need to ask a question that is actually answered in the F.A.Q.

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