30 Day OTP Challenge LIST ! ! ! !
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:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:

:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
:bulletgreen:03 - Gaming/watching a movie
:bulletgreen:04 - On a date
:bulletgreen:05 - Kissing
:bulletgreen:06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
:bulletgreen:07 - Cosplaying
:bulletgreen:08 - Shopping
:bulletgreen:09 - Hanging out with friends
:bulletgreen:10 - With animal ears
:bulletgreen:11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
:bulletgreen:12 - Making out
:bulletgreen:13 - Eating icecream
:bulletgreen:14 - Genderswapped
:bulletgreen:15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
:bulletgreen:16 - During their morning ritual(s)
:bulletgreen:17 - Spooning
:bulletgreen:18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.)
:bulletgreen:19 - In formal wear
:bulletgreen:20 - Dancing
:bulletgreen:21 - Cooking/baking
:bulletgreen:22 - In battle, side-by-side
:bulletgreen:23 - Arguing
:bulletgreen:24 - Making up afterwards
:bulletgreen:25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
:bulletgreen:26 - Getting married
:bulletgreen:27 - On one of their birthdays
:bulletgreen:28 - Doing something ridiculous
:bulletgreen:29 - Doing something sweet
:bulletgreen:30 - Doing something hot (once again, be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)

Written by hawthornss
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AcreepycharacterNew Deviant

Omg i was looking fot something like that

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PharmacistWhoDrawsHobbyist Artist

I'm doing the challenge for a second time with a new couple :) Is the Hall of Fame list still being updated or no?

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SummonWater827Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna try and start doing it when the next month begins!
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Maybe i'll try when another month starts :)

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camsteelfan261artHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm Doin It :3
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Might do one with Bumblebee and Prowl
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Sung1oryHobbyist Digital Artist

can I use my random OTP when performing this challenge?

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LizziegouldStudent Artist

Doing this

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GingaXZyro4everStudent Digital Artist
thecooldenis12 i'm gonna do this challenge is Milkyam
thecooldenis12's avatar
Oooo i would like to see it!
(Btw are you gonna do my request? just curious.)
GingaXZyro4ever's avatar
GingaXZyro4everStudent Digital Artist
also in the end, they're gonna do le *thing* ._. 
( yee i'm gonna finish dis shit )
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GingaXZyro4everStudent Digital Artist
yam will be perv and milk will scream
GingaXZyro4ever's avatar
GingaXZyro4everStudent Digital Artist
Holy sh*t this is my first time to do that ._.
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I wish you good luck
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LordOfEdge14Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna do this multiple times with different ships XD
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ouou0704Professional Digital Artist
thank you for sharing this list, i finish this list last year, it was a lot of fun:)
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KaritheKat16Hobbyist Digital Artist
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BBGBBopGamerHobbyist Artist
If you don't mind me asking....what is an "OTP" and what does it stand for? 
BBGBBopGamer's avatar
BBGBBopGamerHobbyist Artist
Wait nm it means " One True Pair" (I think)
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ErasureHeartStudent Digital Artist
Yeah! It means one true pairing! I usually use it to say my favorite ship!
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BBGBBopGamerHobbyist Artist
Yeeeeeah! :)
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MercenaryMasterStudent Artist
Hmm, I should try this
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