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Ranma's Golden Pair Cosplay by otakitty
Master Chief concept art from Fable II by negativedreamer
Tornado Man from Megaman 9 by negativedreamer
One Piece 305 Trio by otakitty
One Piece
Fishnets by otakitty
Kalifa and Rob Lucci by otakitty
Sexual Harrasment? - CP9 Kalifa by otakitty
Drunken Binge - Jewelry Bonney by otakitty
Jet Set Radio
JSRF - Grace and Glory by otakitty
JSRF Girls - Graffitti Soul by otakitty
Love Shocker + Rapid 99 by otakitty
JSRF - Bad Girls Don't Quit by otakitty
Odin Sphere
Odin Sphere: Odette by otakitty
Perfect Fantasy! by Toneriko
Odin Sphere - Thief by Junicorn77
Odin Sphere's Odette by otakitty
Getsumen to Heiki Mina
Potato Bunny by Toneriko
Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina - Black Radish Bunny by otakitty
Leek Attack by CosplayCousins
Bunny Girl by CosplayCousins
Dark Stalkers
Caught by otakitty
Morrigan and Lilith by CosplayCousins
Hsien-ko by infinityink888
Darkstalkers Bootielishus by otakitty
Final Fantasy
More adorableness by negativedreamer
FFXIII Girl trio by otakitty
Wakka from Final Fantasy X Debut by negativedreamer
Wakka with Vidina from Final Fantasy X by negativedreamer
Legend of Zelda
Losing a dear friend... by negativedreamer
The Goddesses by VertigoVendetta
The Great Fairy Queen by silvver
Farore and The Fairy by EvilSp0rk
Katamari Group by silvver
Ryu and Mag havin fun by silvver
Nickel up Close by negativedreamer
Ryu from Katamari by silvver
Soul Eater
We are the bad guys by Junicorn77
OWEEEEEE by Animepunk1
Medusa: Vector Arrow by EvilSp0rk
Come to me. by EvilSp0rk
Shunya Yamashita
Shunya Girls by TewiBewi
The Happiest Ship by Toneriko
Britannia's Finest by Toneriko
Code Geass
MegaCon 2011 Euphemia by davindalilazn
All I do is Win by Animepunk1
Original Designs
Happy Halloween by Juju-gurl
Zarana : Dreadnoks (G.I. Joe) by Tarapotamus
Just a Humble Bookworm by Toneriko
Mortal Kombat
Raiden - Mortal Kombat 2 by negativedreamer
Utawarerumono: Sisters by otakitty
Lead the way Olimar by CosplayCousins
Sengoku Basara
Sengoku Basara 24 by WashuuOtaku
Ninja Nonsense
Shinobu and Kaede by otakitty
Fairy Tail
Aries cosplay by Junicorn77
Street Fighter
Sporty Chun Li and Sakura by CosplayCousins




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Cosplayers representing South Florida, we are the 3-0-5 baby!
Founded 11 Years ago
Jul 30, 2010

North America

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82 Members
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305 Cosplay Crew was created to showcase the cosplay projects of a group of friends in South Florida, but has expanded to include group efforts by our buddies in Central Florida and all over that we've made new cosplay and photographer friends!








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I just joined and I would love to submit some of my pictures; however, it doesn't seem to have an option to contribute. Is there any way we can fix that? :) Thank you :)
otakitty Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The only people that can contribute are actual members of this cosplay group :p
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I was a member, but I wasn't able to contribute for a number of months, so I left. My apologies.
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I live in Palm Beach during the summers! :D
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I am going to take me some pictures at Otakon.
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Do you guys think maybe you could help spread the word a pokemon cosplay gatheirng is going on at Comic Con
otakitty Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
this group is local to Florida...
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hey guys im from miami too. nice galleries :)
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:D 305!
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hello! nice to see some Miami peeps.
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