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My recent art trade with Marina-Stalker sparked an idea. Yume Nikki related. In the game, there are 12 doors leading to places. Places that seem to involve memories or dreams the main character has. So I thought, what do my doors look like. What do your doors look like? Just a fun little thought there. That's all.
I'm gonna be moving soon. Where to? The great city of Sacramento. Looks like things will be alright there. A new start and everything.

I've been doing some art tradan' too. If you'd like to do tradan', or heck, even request something, that's fine with me. Just hit me up and I might do it, or I might not. We'll see.

See ya around, pals.
Thanks NCH for making the flash animation. You didn't have to do it, but it turned out awesome none of the less.

Thanks Matt for your recent journal post. I appreciate you showing my stuff there.

Thank you everyone else for the feed back. You guys have a lot of good stuff to say.

Have a good one, fellas.
It was fun to draw angry faces and energy blasts these past few weeks. I haven't done it that much since middle school. Glad you guys liked it. Glad it's over. I feel like drawing some Scooter now.
Well, people were having trouble finding the /v/ comics, so I uploaded them. I am very surprised how accepted this garbage is! You guys are cool.

Thanks for reading and all feedback. I apologize for resorting to dialogue in the Cancer vs Rage comics. It was an easy way out.  

I will be uploading the rest of my garbage here for easy finding.

Have a good one, fellas!
What's going on lately? I've been using MS Paint often. Thank god for that program. Even though it's older than the internet and probably myself, I still have fun with it.

Again, thanks for your support fellas!

Have a good one.
I enjoy making this stuff. Lots of fun. You guys have been nice about it too. Thanks a bunch.

A lot of you want me to continue the comic I had going on my old page, and I don't blame you. There was no answer for a year about whether or not it would be completed. The answer is it won't continue. Just cuz' it's old stuff, and I want to steer this new page away from Naruto fan-art and toward original stuff.

(When I say original, I mean not-so-original stuff with lots of references to vidya games and whatever else.)

In closing, sorry to disappoint, and I look forward to making some more funny stuff for you guys.
More of the same stuff. Nothing more or less.