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Peace and War

A man travels the world with good intentions... but is he the same at home?
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Wonderfully depicted! :)
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I wish I had your Paint skills... :( I lol'd at the tenth square. :XD:
45POWA's avatar
Do he even look what he is writing?
cuz hes eyes are looking up....
zaku1986's avatar
How true and sad :D
mayuzane's avatar
tysonhesse's avatar
God I love this so fucking much
Deviously-Devi's avatar
His expression. Man I have never laughed this hard.
pYrO1v1aniac's avatar
Loving this stuff.
ZherKosha's avatar
Magnitud13's avatar
gotta love the rage
hanzoushinrei's avatar
At least he wasn't peddling Virtual Boy or WonderSwan.
shashia's avatar
That is one epic expression in the 3rd to last panel.
Kwoto's avatar
oh god I lol'd

Cool shark
TheTenk's avatar
I knew sharks had plenty of money!
misskari's avatar

Your new work is the best, I tell you. :heart:
3-Angled-Blue's avatar
Thank you very much! That's nice coming from you.
rrei's avatar
Wow. XD;
I especially enjoyed the shark.
Donomni11's avatar
Of course he isn't. Remember the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.
SwimmingEagle121's avatar
well he seems like nice guuuuoooOOMG!! look at his eye!!!
I blame the internets for his behavior. that and caffine gum.
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