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Goodbye Honey

This business man is separated from his only love.
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Though it was a tarantula-faced lady at first
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Get back here you doof.
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ahhhh shit, I can relate
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At firstI was like

But then I was like
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I guess his "ONLY" love was the PS2
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This is a perfect example of what I was curious about: did you create this in Paint? I'm interested in using tones like those in this comic.

Everything about this delicious eye-candy. Since it's so simple, it's easy to drink in the little details, like the tones on the water in panels 9, 10, and 11, settings, and scale. :)
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*too lazy to think of good comment*
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It's all good, sir. You don't need to comment if ya don't want to.
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*feels fluffy* -w- senpaiiiiii o///o
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Hahaha! omg. Fav.
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I laughed a little too loudly. My roomie looked at be funny. XD;;
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That's my love too!
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