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The comic I'm devoting most of my time to these days is "Twice the Triplets", a weekly gag series about this dude named Fred and the six young girls - daughters of his deceased brother - that he's attempting to raise. It's a comic that I created on a whim last year when I was bored and wanted to draw something, but didn't feel like picking back up any of my many stalled projects. I've kept doing the comic since then, and some of it can be found in my gallery although the full archives and continued weekly updates can only be found on my website.

Another comic that I've made is "Badass Brat", a newspaper strip style comic about a bratty kid and the bratty stuff he does. I created this comic as far back as 2005 and worked on it for several years, though I don't make new strips anymore these days. I've been thinking about whether or not I should make more of it in the future, though... Never say never.

Aside from those two, I've started a couple of short lived webcomics that I'm not going to post here for the time being. But my gallery does contain some material from a few of my abandoned projects, some of which I might return to at some point. That is, if my current comic ever stops demanding all of my time!
Right. A journal. Write a journal.

To be honest, I'm not really the journal writing type. I never had a diary. Tried blogging once, but months and eventually years would pass by between entries. So this first journal entry here may also be the last. Or maybe not. Who knows. Who cares.

So, I guess I finally signed up with dA. Had to happen sooner or later, I suppose. Granted, I post most of my stuff on my website (anyone wanna check that out? That'd be pretty cool.), but dA seems like a better way of actually interacting with people. I'm not particularly good at that, though. Maybe I'll meet some awesome people around here somewhere. We'll see.