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The Crypt King

The ambient eerie echo rang through the deep-set tunnels of the Crypts. Rustling corpses and undead thralls stir, eager to follow their master. Breadcrumb trails of lifeless Crypt raiders mark the safest paths if you can call it safe. Those who have been to the bottom, a scarce few of them, have made it back to the surface. The Lion's share of raiders are still wandering the Crypts, procuring small treasures, marking new networks, or wander muttering incoherent gibberish.
The events above are but a blink of an instant to the Crypt King, slumbering in the depths of Purgareth. When he rises from his tomb is unknown or why. The certainty, that has lasted thousands of years, is that it is not a matter of if, but when.
"Deep down, miles and miles, beneath the Spire, below the Citadel, through the Black Lake, the Crypt King awakens." - Prophet Cassius

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Top 10 Boss Batt;es

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One Ring to Rule them All, One Ring to Find Them, One Ring to Bring them All, and in the Darkness Bind Them
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If Reaper had a Dark Souls skin XD But seriously I love how it's painted, so many details and textures and the lights really enhance the look!
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Nicely done.
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He looks like he eats Saurons for breakfast!
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Nice design, looking good :)
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Looks like Sauron if he looked like his tower
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ever seen the LOtR films? this looks like Sauron or the head Ringwraith
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looks like reaper from overwatch
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looks fantastic!!
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He looks like the perfect combo of reaper and sarron
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the sharpness of his outfit make him look so sinister, which is quite fitting for a Crypt King. great job as usual!
His stance says to me "Yes. This development pleases me. Proceed as planned."
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Looks like Sauron - it's amazing!
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