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Sirot'alaec, The Dimensional Sculptor

Night approached, and the warm consolation of sun waned on the horizon. The city towers stood strong, like hulking sentries promising to protect any who would seek sanctuary from the coming night, and the terrors it would bring. A nearby cluster of clouds, crept toward the city. No sooner as the city folk were retreating into their homes, did they stop to see a behemoth materialize from the clouds, a form so unlike the monsters they have become so uncomfortably accustomed. The giant creature dwarfed the human edifices, its head an almost terrifyingly elegant amalgamation of horns and unknown patterns. It stood on hind legs, and had four arms. Protruding tentacle growths from its palms and back, and stripe like patterns strung across its form. The people stood frozen with fear. The giant scanned the city until it set focus upon a large clock tower. It's great head bent and turned, and like staring into a mirror, the clock tower broke all logic and understanding of the world and mimicked, bending and twisting in ways not even possible for a building to make. And then it remained, a malformed product of what the clock tower once was. The towering god then began to repeat this to every tower, spire and monument until the city, people and all remained as this grotesque sculpture, warped and frozen in time.

"May Sirot'alaec, the Dimensional Sculptor, grace your dwelling with its transcendent creations." -Prophet Cassius


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Borderline scary, entirely badass.

DrPhilosoraptor's avatar

This is a cool idea and artwork!

Dang-it, Book-thulu! You broke the physics of Big Ben again!
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One word, YIKEZ!
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This is what would happen if Max Ernst's and Lovecraft's creatures had a baby in Prague. 
NValpolaPhotography's avatar
This reminds me of the Eldrazi from Magic the Gathering.
davidstrife1's avatar
So the red god for SCP 3007?
DeviantMetroid's avatar
 Oh, so that's who made the Hunter's Nightmare. Always wondered about that. Clap 
Yogin-Sothoth's avatar
woohh, thats some Lovecraftian creature over here
Boubit's avatar
omg i love it marry me
Jakkoru's avatar
That's really amazing! I love it!
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*Cue Dark Souls music and impossibly large health bar*
ideas6572's avatar
and that name goes into the history books for being impossible to pronounce
sinpuppy's avatar
I, for one can pronounce it however I can understand if you can't. c':
chris-illustrator's avatar
That's a really cool concept and monster design.
GremlinCat's avatar
love the surreal color palette in this one!
CinderGrove's avatar
Super cool, can I ask how you named the eldritch?
2wenty's avatar
Thank you. With this painting the title for this god is Sirot'alaec. The latin word for sculptor is cælatoris. I chose to have a more grounded nature in my naming conventions for this painting series, instead of going my usual route of just giving a random fantasy-esque name because it sounds cool. I want most or at least part of the name rooted in real language. For example in one of my previous paintings, Mat'ergenu The Life Spinner, the latin word for mother is mater. Thanks for your question!
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whaaaat jeez good job!!!:happybounce: 
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lol Thank you!
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Cue the Inception music. 
2wenty's avatar
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Looks epic. But I cant really tell what should represent the face
TerribleTrygon's avatar
It is posing in the same way Big Ben is.
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