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March 26, 2020
Rockbed to Arrakeen by 2wenty
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Rockbed to Arrakeen

Second image done for my little Dune series. This is Rock bed of Arrakeen. Large rock formations protect the city Arrakeen from Sandstorms and giant worms of Arrakis.
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Congrats on the DD!
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Nice work! Congrats on the DD! :D
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! :happybounce:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ♥

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Is this before or after Gurney did a little atomic engineering?
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Wonderful work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved, DD! :clap:!!!

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"Blow the family atomics, Gurney!"
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How nice. Thank you for posting such a piece. It's quite pleasing to the eye. (⌒▽⌒)
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Lotta iron oxide in the sand here.
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If I don't recall wrong, Arrakis is a lot ruddier in the books than in most visual media. Happens when your atmosphere is totally shot but still there.
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Never read any of the books, only saw the movie.  A fellow I once worked with had read the book, and said that the fighting was more frequent and hand to hand.
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Very much so. By his own admission Lynch couldn't make any sense of the "desert kung fu" as he called it, so he invented the whole Atreides association with sonic weapons just to have something to work with.
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My workmate said that they were very adapt at using the blade, so most of the fighting was at close range.
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Fencing and knife fighting are very important in the story, yes.

The film glosses over it, but the very existence of personal shields changes everything. It means you can no longer count on firearms to do the trick, and energy weapons explode (with a few kilotons of force) when shot through a shield. So part of it is cultural, but fencing is a technically vital soldier's skill as well.
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Sounds like its part of the empirical culture, as honorable personal combat settles affronts made.
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Well... yes and no. The book go into more detail than the film on the important of ritual combat (though it doesn't hold a candle to the guilty pleasure of Sting kicking MacLachlan in the family atomics), but it also goes into a lot more detail on assassination. And some of the methods are pretty bizarre.
This is a setting devised before nanotechnology came into sci-fi vogue, but after the Atreides takeover Arrakeen is decontaminated for "microdots", among other things. You get a lot of attack vectors when human computers are the norm.
Then in the second book, when all subtleties have failed, a motley crew of assassins attempt to do Paul in by simply blowing a hole straight into the core of Arrakis with a ridiculously powerful nuke.

In the game of political assassination, everybody in Dune accept the same rule: All other rules are forbidden.
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The light and shadows playing off the redscape and sands... amazing. :::::::))))))))

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Lovely representation of the shield wall.
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Gorgeous use of colour

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What an amazing landscape!

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