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Rex'Ranaey, The First Dragon of Purgareth

Little is know about the dragons or their intent, however, one thing rings demonstrably true. They too do not look well upon the incursion of beasts that pool from the rifts.

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That is actually a very good dragon concept, it actually physically shows how it accumulates and breathes out the fire.
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wow, so perfect
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The red sack at the dragon's throat, presumably for fire, is such a cool and unique detail. I also love the way the birds are placed in the foreground, showing definitively how large this dragon really is.
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I love everything about this Dragon. He is amazing. I love how you can see the Flames bubbling up from his (Flame sac?) Throat and just beginning to erupt from his mouth. Super awesome design. ^-^ 
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Reminds me of a Frigate Bird. Love it!
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Really nice work! And I very much like your design, it's something I don't think I've really seen before with dragons.
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Thank you so very much for the kind words! :)
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You're most welcome :)
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This picture is beautiful :3 nice work
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I love seeing different ideas for dragon species.
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Wow. I wonder how big that guy is.
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He's a biiiiiig boy.
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This is amazing :o
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Thank you so much!
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