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Mat'ergenu, The Life Spinner

Màt'ergenu, The Life Spinner. From deep within the depths of worlds unheard and unspeakable, all manner of beast and dark incarnations spawn forth to plague humanity. But, they are not born like you. They are molded, sculpted into existence, painfully. With her very being, Màt'ergenu endlessly creates monsters and abominations in an effort to recreate her child, now lost to the abyss. "There can not be growth, without pain, nor life without death."


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A creation worthy of the pages of Lovecraftian horror. Good work.

Best quote though this is the order of nature

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This is pretty awesome.!
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The design is beautiful and frightening.
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I can only assume you've been asked this a million times but what program do you use?
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Awesome design, love it! And the character description adds just more depth to Mat'ergenu
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I would expect this being to have a personality not unlike Abathur's. Analytical, percise, seeking perfection while also knowing it is unattainable.
You should be able to make loads of money doing Magic the Gathering! Awesome work!
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Very coolll!! love it!!
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sigh* "it is all splendid. the matters life can create....but it can also destroys all it touched."
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This would make a perfect.  Heartless Emblem 
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Instant favorite. What an awesome picture. 
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This is so cool! <3
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Awesome piece dude!
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Is this an original design or is this from a video game or anime or something like that?
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