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The Free People of the Seeonee Pack

By 2thpick
'All the jungle knows that I have killed Shere Khan.
Look -- look well, O Wolves!'

Two things: 1st) This is my first picture made with SAI :D, 2nd) I've always been a fan of the Jungle Book. While the Disney version is entertaining, it doesn't even begin to tell the story, let alone how much of a badass Mowgli is. I suggest reading it if you haven't. The 'songs' are a pain though.
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One this is a great drawing! 2 tell me about it, loved the story but the songs wow! I was in a stage play that was made from this book try singing and dancing those songs lol. I got to play the leader of the wolf pack though and that was fun, hot with the fake fur, but fun! Your beautiful art reminds me of those great memories!
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I'm glad my artwork refreshed good times for you. That's the ultimate compliment. Thank you.
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This looks very good, I like the wolf
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Basically how Mowgli should be, except he was much younger & with longer hair.
And yes, the Disney version is somewhat inferior with Kipling's original vision of the Novel. 8-)
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His age was a difficultly when I was drawing the image. I wanted him to look like he was in his early teens, but have the physique of someone who regularly wrestles around with wolves, bears and panthers. Since this is after he'd gone to the village, I made his hair long, but somewhat groomed. Anyhow, thanks for the comment.
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Da, although Mowgli was actually 10 when he kicked the crap outta Kahn cuz he was a fast learner at that age, but it's the thought that counts, ay? 8-)
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Freddy-Kruegerplz's avatar
Even The Children of SPARTAAA could defend themselves at a Helluva young age. :iconspartaplz: :D
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