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Luna's Worst Nightmare

did you know hell is full of bananas?

song: one winged angel
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Best video ever
CherryBlossomMawile's avatar
Me when I destroy someone in a game several times.
PinkPencilArts's avatar
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Bloody reminds me and my bro LOL XD
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This day-mare is appealing! 
Derracias-35's avatar
XD I am dying overhere. Is so funny! XD
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I can't stop laughing so hard dude XD

I don't know why but this song makes me laugh everytime XD

play this song over anything and I will laugh at it XD
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and i thought hell was filled with empty cups of coffe. guess i was wrong
spikerfire1231's avatar
needs a twilight/pinkie pie version.
oh, and i watched this for at least half an hour.. xD
You-Heard-Nothing's avatar
Everyone's gone bananas! I love it.
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This is amazing.
Live4Chaos's avatar
or 8,9...i don't remember well .-.
CloudBuster9's avatar
So freaking funny!
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I cant stop watching it!!!!
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Awesome!! Can't stop watching! O.O
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XD why can't I stop watching?!
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