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Greedy Spike

By 2snacks
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big spike is big.
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detailed as fuck!! Clap 
FaustusFan's avatar
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Wow, this looks amazing!  :thumbsup:
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He's going to eat her if she doesn't turn that light off...
CelestialRainicorn's avatar
Feels more like a intense game of hind n seek

Twilight: ha found you Spike!

Spike: Dang it Twilight you know how hard it is to hide when you're 50ft tall?!
your-good-at-art's avatar
he is not greedy.
he is dragon.
aruon's avatar
he really needs to get laid.
He already was! As an egg! PUNS
AlexKazhdan's avatar
Best pun I've heard in a while. :clap:
aruon's avatar
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ha! good one.
HackerDashFiM's avatar
Spike looks like Rudy from Ice Age 3 a bit
loyalartist's avatar
absalutly amazing
thelder789's avatar
spike: (growling)
twilight: oh spike what happened to you
RedFang71's avatar
there is only one thing that bothers me about Spike when he is an adult...he has no wings. Oh well, This looks awesome though.
Tenchi-del-Dante's avatar
Oh god~

Wait, is it me, or does Spike have nearly a similar texture as the ground o3o
MissFlight's avatar
Just a mite intimidating. ._.
NotACrapWasGiven's avatar
wow spike lose some weight you fatty
i love this omg
pegasuswolf134's avatar
This should be a cover of a famous story!!
scarman159's avatar
What's the name it the that episode where spike turns into a full grown dragon?
i think people made that up
Firefly1910's avatar
No, there was an episode where he matures into a full grown dragon. I can't remember what it's called though, and he turns back into a baby dragon and the end.
AlienPatch's avatar
I think it's "Cutie Mark Chronicles", whan we see how Twilight met him and how she made him an adult by accident.
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