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Mangle (finished) by 2pMaddieWilliams Mangle (finished) :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 3 0 Mangle (sketch) by 2pMaddieWilliams Mangle (sketch) :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 2 0 Found this on tumblr... by 2pMaddieWilliams Found this on tumblr... :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 3 1 Foxy the Pirate by 2pMaddieWilliams Foxy the Pirate :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 4 7 Rose Sketch by 2pMaddieWilliams Rose Sketch :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 1 0 Iceland by 2pMaddieWilliams Iceland :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 3 2 Remember The Name. by 2pMaddieWilliams Remember The Name. :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 0 0 Snapped!Canada by 2pMaddieWilliams Snapped!Canada :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 2 6 It's so true... by 2pMaddieWilliams It's so true... :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 0 4 Fan trolls by 2pMaddieWilliams Fan trolls :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 2 0 Italy....WTF.... by 2pMaddieWilliams Italy....WTF.... :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 2 0 Hetalia... WTF by 2pMaddieWilliams Hetalia... WTF :icon2pmaddiewilliams:2pMaddieWilliams 5 10


2p nyo canada by AndyStarfish 2p nyo canada :iconandystarfish:AndyStarfish 22 2
England X Pregnant!Reader: Surprises!
You had such great news! Arthur you have waited for a while and you couldn’t be any happier, but how does one surprise him? Maybe when Arthur and you go to Alfred’s? No, maybe we could make a cake with it having something to do with your pregnancy on it? Wait, maybe Alfred could help? That could be an amazing way to tell Arthur about your pregnancy!
You had to about quietly on this. You grabbed your rain coat and stepped out into the rain that was harshly dropping out of the sky. “Maybe I should get an umbrella?” You thought, “Nah, it would take too long to get one.” You continued on your way until you found yourself at Alfred’s house. Walking a bit faster because of the rain, you were soon there. You knocked.
No one answered. You shrugged; he wouldn’t car if you went in, and so you went in. Inside the lights were off, but you hear the sound of a video game or was it a scary movie? Alfred’s in his living room. You walked down the ha
:iconawriterofeverything:AWriterOfEverything 296 48
Half-Cat!England X Reader
"Mommy we want cats!" your little sister (her name), pleaded to your mom in hopes she would get you both cats for Christmas.
"I don't know…" she mumbled and gazed down at both you and your sibling. Both of you used puppy eyes on her.
"Fine, but you two take care of them! I am not scooping any litter boxes! Got it?" she gave in. Both of you squealed and hugged her legs.
The three of you arrived at the animal shelter. You were led to the cat and kitten section. Your sister wandered over to the kittens and started cooing at them.
You, however, wanted a cat, not a kitten. You gazed at all the anxious felines in hopes one would catch your eye. You noticed a cat alone in the corner.
You walked over to it and it turned to face you. It was a Scottish fold, he had light brown, almost orange patches around his right eye and his tail. He sniffed your hand curiously before backing away.
"That little guy's shy around people. He had a mate and a few kittens. One of his kittens and mate got adopted.
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 842 324
Mountain Dew and Anime (2p!Canada x Reader)
There are a bunch of swears here, so if you don't like swearing I wouldn't recommend it.
"Try and take my lunch money again you little bitch! I dare your ass to!" You yelled as you kicked the guy who had stolen your money. You slammed him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. "I bet you want me to starve to death so I can stop kicking your ass!" Quite a feat since you were like 5 inches shorter than him and way lighter.
Matthieu watched from a distance in admiration. Damn, this tiny little thing beat up a guy three times bigger than her.
"Do you want me to stop? Huh? Bitch say something or I'm gonna keep going!" You yelled with another kick. "This is why you don't mess with the fucking crazy ones! Maybe I'm quiet but for all you know I could be plotting your very demise!"
Ooh, he liked this one.
He just stood there in awe, watching as you beat this guy up after stealing your money for like the millionth time while he begged for mercy. It was always the same person, and you'd fin
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 1,337 505
2p!America x reader- Christmas with her family
You sat on your husband's leg's, hovering over his sleeping body. You placed a huge smile on your face as you saw him beginning to stir. "Good morning, Al~!", you sang.
His eyes opened slightly to peek up at you. He closed them back and grunted, "What?"
You swing your right hand in the air. "Lookie. It's a mistletoe" You poke your lips out and lean down a little. He smirked before making contact with your lips. As he held onto your hips, you deepened the kiss a little before letting up and kissing him repeatedly. "How's my sweet, amazing husband? Guess what? I've been cleaning all morning and the house looks perfect! I made your favorite vegan breakfast and I went out to buy you some beer and a bunch of your other favorite alcoholic beverages" You kissed his cheek and leaned in closely to his ear as you whispered, "But I could go and get your breakfast for you later...just encase, we're doing...other things"
He touched your shoulders and moved you back up so he could look you in your e
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 232 319
Melting Snow: Chibi!2p!Canada x Mom!Reader
“Matt.” you said, staring at your little child. He might have been the personification of Canada, but you too were a very strong country, even if you were starting to weaken and fall. As he ignored you, you put a hand on his shoulder and tried again, “Mattie.”
He turned to you, and you looked into those beautiful violet eyes while he grumbled, “Don’t call me that, Mom.”
You smiled down on him, “Why don’t you go play outside?”
“I don’t want to. There’s so much snow; I can barely walk!” Matt told you with a pout.
Shaking your head in false shame you said, “You know, someday there won’t be so much snow. Then you’ll be sorry.” With that you started to walk away, but he caught your sleeve.
“Mommy, where will the snow go?!” he demanded, suddenly reverting to an innocent little child with a deep concern for his way of life.
You looked down on him, thinking about the patterns
:icon666kurai:666kurai 339 66
Fem!2p!America x Fem!Reader x Fem!2p!Canada
Fem!2p!America x Fem!Reader x Fem!2p!Canada
(Another story to cure my boredom and to add to my collection of Yuri stories. I like writing yuri's and hate that deviantart doesn't have enough yuri! It pisses me off! You damn yuri haters don't know what you're missing!)
It's your first day at school and you're not as nervous as you'd thought you would be. You don't have to even wear uniform here. See, you're from a rich family and this is your second time at a public school. The other one you went to, wasn't THAT good. And as a kid you had private schooling. You're not a snob, just because you're rich. You're quite down to earth and nice. But, you can be tough as well.
Your dad drops you off at the front gate. Your parents aren't snobs, either. You'd said you would walk home from school today. You don't live that far away from it. Your dad drove you to school on his way to work and had thought it would give your legs a little rest and you thought,
:iconninjajaffacake:NinjaJaffaCake 129 94
2p!child!America x reader x 2p!child!Canada-Sitter
Please, make sure you have time to read this before you start >w< It is long as hell and has a shit load of cuss words and some stuff sexually said, nothing done, but probably still not suited for the average child XD Enjoy~!
You, a seventeen year old, were one of the 'best' babysitters in your city. Parents would almost literally throw money at you to babysit their kids. The reason for the quotes around the word best is because, you weren't that good. You didn't even like kids, but it did pay. That was all that mattered.
Those who truly knew you, would call you a troubled teen. You didn't believe that though. You felt that others thought, just because you weren't clean cut and perky, that you were troubled. You weren't. Sure, you might stay out late, cussed out a few adults before, and have a drink or two with friends. You didn't think those were grounds to call you troubled. Your parents thought you were fine. 
Their names were Tino and Berwald. You thought you t
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 545 137
England x Reader -Get It Out! Ow!
"A-Arthur! O-Ow.....s-stop, i-it hurts! I'm not ready!" You screamed
"It'll be okay love. Just relax, the pain will go away. Give it time." A certain British male said soothingly
    Alfred and Francis had been walking by when they heard you making some strange noises from behind a locked and closed door. They listened carefully, ears pressed against the wooden door. What was going on?
   They heard moving on what sounded to be a bed. Then a sound that sounded a little needy.
    "Do you want me to stop love?" They heard Arthur say in a soothing and loving voice
    "N-No, I can handle i-it! Please keep going!" You nearly screamed
    Francis raised an eyebrow and looked to Alfred, mouthing 'Are they doing it?' Alfred could only make a horrified face.They doubted it but when they heard something close to a moan, they thought a bit differently. Francis tried again to open the door but it was locked and no other way in.
:iconluckygirl50:luckygirl50 959 570
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader - 'Sizes' [England] :iconxcreativepoppet:xCreativePoppet 682 785
Okay! Listen up!
we are all People. There are the Otakus, Popular girls, Jocks, and Fashionistas.
we the Otakus. Our people need help. 
We are NOT diseased Dolphins and Sharks who are ignored or hurt! We are PEOPLE! We have our RIGHTS to draw and watch anime, or be a part of a fandom! Hetalia! Black Butler! Ouran High! Attack On Titan! And Many More! All Fandoms Colide! HELP THE OTAKUS!!!! Repost this onto your profile and spread it around!
:iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 1 5
Hetalia Vine - gif - America and 2P America by SydneyA Hetalia Vine - gif - America and 2P America :iconsydneya:SydneyA 854 210
Mature content
Fem!English!Reader x Amelia (Fem!2p!America)Lemon :iconninjajaffacake:NinjaJaffaCake 35 29
Mature content
2p!Fem!America x Fem!Reader-Story out of boredom :iconninjajaffacake:NinjaJaffaCake 70 44
Enough, You Bloody Idiot! (England x Reader)
    Lounging around in your dorm room, you were rereading your favorite manga when someone knocked on the door. “Coming!” you called cheerfully. Putting on your sneakers, you yawned as you walked over to the door and opened it.
    “Arthur! ...what a surprise.” You immediately felt glomy. You and Arthur starting despising each other the minute you stepped into the classroom four months ago as a mere transfer student.
    “Yes, I thought so too.” He spoke formally, his British accent active. His emerald green eyes scanned your face for a reaction.
    “So, tell me,” you demanded. “What do you want?” Your face expressed a sign of menance as you waited for a reply.
    “I want you to help me with something,” he answered dutifully. “You know those rumors flying around?”
    You groaned in
:iconinsertepicness:InsertEpicness 419 167



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