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2P England
[MONSTOBER DAY 25] Wizard (Ignatius Oleander) by Niutellat
Oliver Kirkland | 2p!England by Kerkikerk
Oliver Kirkland by Kerkikerk

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.:. CAKE .:. (dirty) by black-feather1013
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2p!France by LifeLikeFiona
What An Asshole by a-simple-note
Artistry in Motion by pikamuse
2p France by nogirl70
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2P!AmericaxYou (FANSERVICE) by anjel-chan

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Goretober 2018 #5 by Im-a-Love-Killer
Allen Doodle by Im-a-Love-Killer
Eclipse the sun by Im-a-Love-Killer
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Demon! 2PCanada by GamrLinaFrye
Demon! 2PCanada - Digitalized by GamrLinaFrye
Chibi! 2P Canada by GamrLinaFrye
Caught by MsPixelExe
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[APH][Macabre!Hetalia] Russian Hetaween 2015 by Margo-sama
[APH] Another side of Russia by Margo-sama
Nyo!2pRussia by Ravenlampernium
My Anastasyia Romanova (2P!Fem!Russia) Sketch-Out by Myindiansummer
2P China
Jan13 China.sai2 by AsdAppuru
Aph: what the? by isayuku
Happy birthday!! by Jada-chan456
2P Germany
Stary Sky by tttooohappy
Hetalia  Ludwigs Und Lutzs Albtraum by MonstaBronyGermerica
Hetalia- Lutz pixel box by CarolconC
hetalia- Lutz's profile by CarolconC
2P Italy
Dating Simulator Fake Screenshot by 2pIta-LucianoVargas
Nevermind- by 2pIta-LucianoVargas
aw lawd he comin by 2pIta-LucianoVargas
Pay a visit (2p Hetalia) 2p!Italy Screenshot! by anjel-chan
2p S.Italy Romano
Flavio Fashionhooves Vargas by sparkling-otter
Flavio (2p! Romano) by AlternianButterfly
Flavio sketch by pikamuse
2P!Southern Italian Greetings by pikamuse
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Rabbit by BloodyLuciano
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2p!Japan by herumeru
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Let out by SONIXA
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2p!Dominican Republic Oc by anjel-chan
APH - Merry Christmas  by Chantalwut
(2p!)HetaOni - Chapter 17 Part 20 by Starrulet
APH: Cinderella by jt-designs-123
Bloody 2p Italy Aesthetics by Chrixty
Ask 2P
Ask 4 by BloodyLuciano
2P Gakuen Contest
Vietnam worries by jt-designs-123
[Sketchdump 4] - Hetalia strikes again by Niutellat
Since I'm unsure if anyone else is active on here I would like to point out some things if you wish to report a art thief

I will need the following:

1) link of the original.

2) link of the copy.

3) and infomation of which folder it is in.

with out the following I can be of no help. Because the first two will help me determine, if in fact what you state is true or if what you are saying is false to try and bully someone off the site.

While the last makes it easier for me to find so that I know where it should be found in case it was misplaced in the wrong folder (though when I do jump on the group area the first thing I do is go and delate all the kiss placed stuff.) or put in the right one.

And ps please don't be a ass about the whole thing ok?
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Welcome to the 2P-Hetalia-FC

Rules are simple.

Have fun, but don't bash or be rude to anyone else. Please be kind and respect each other.

OCs are accepted and an OC folder will be up soon.

Please submit to the right folders and if there is a mistake or their not working please send us a note or leave us a comment.

Offical and OC can go together and so can Fem!2Ps as long as they are in the right folder.

Thank you.









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eh--sexual Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I don't remember if my art was requested or if I submitted it myself, but it somehow ended up in the wrong folder. I always take time and care to put things in the correct folders, so I'm not sure where it went wrong! It's the 2P!Italy Electric Eel Mertalia drawing. It was placed in the 2P!America folder, but it is of 2P!North Italy. If you need further information on which drawing it is or if I need to resubmit it, just let me know! Thanks, and sorry for the mix-up!
windalchemist001 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016
Thank you for letting me know, I haven't been able to watch what's coming in since of life but I will out in the right folder as soon as I can
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