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A club dedicated for the Official designs Himaruya made for certain Hetalia characters AND OC designs for other Hetalia characters!
Before submitting to this club, here are A few things we ask of you and you should keep in mind when in this club:

:bulletblue: Please read this through:…

Updated Rules:

:bulletblue: You may submit up to 8 deviations per week.

:bulletblue: All Media is accepted, including Fanfiction and Cosplay.

:bulletblue: No Flame wars, whatsoever.

:bulletblue: Submissions must be submitted to the correct folder. Cosplay photos, asks, and literature belong in their own folders, regardless of which characters are in them.

Accidents happen and you're welcome to resubmit your work if you have been denied for this reason, however please try to place things in the right folders. It makes our job much easier.

:bulletblue: Submissions must follow the DA rules. If you are unfamiliar with them, they can be found at

:bulletblue: Motivational posters are not allowed unless all of the images involved are made by you.

:bulletblue: Images created from bases or "doll maker" games will not be accepted.

:bulletblue: We do NOT accept announcements/journals. If you wish to make a big announcement please contact one of the Administrators of the group and we will discuss it.

:bulletblue: Any pictures taken with a camera (whether Cosplay or a photo of a drawing) must be clear. We understand that not everyone has a great camera or a scanner, but the pictures you take must be of decent quality.

:bulletblue: Sketches and doodles are accepted, however they cannot be on lined paper.

:bulletblue: If you have any questions, at all. Feel free to ask either javanazV, Kurimishu or PrinCesSgSm or post your questions on the club's main page.

Art in the icon:
2P!Ivan (c) Shiraae
2P!Alfred (c) javanazV

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Gallery Folders

Black Triangle Trio by ManiacalVolt
[APH] Sweet drop by Margo-sama
.:Sweet Candy:. by Nekochea
2p America and Denmark by SmollMoffy
'Murica by PurqlePup
2p America by TheBusLives
babe, i'm way better than the original by Hetare1
Don't anger me darling~ (redraw) by NeonColoredVomit
Draw this again meme by ShinkaiNoAki
Is this wonderland? by ShinkaiNoAki
Detective 2P!England (Gift) by Kiki-Hik
Hetalia - Ace of Spades by SwiftNinja91
2P! France by Kiki-Hik
Grumpy Pants by LPSKoalaful
2p papa by LifeIsPotatoe
2p!Nyo!Russia by GreenNote
2P Color Anya by KokoChocoBaby
[APH] 2P!Russia by Umi92
2p!China by Saphira96
Jan13 China.sai2 by AsdAppuru
2p!China by Purahu
there he go by borderlin-e
2P! Canada (Gift) by Kiki-Hik
2P! Canada by Kiki-Hik
Nyotalia 2p! Canada by buffinelf
|2p! Canadas| by PurqlePup
Pin up by Veneziano58
Feliciano Vargas North Italy As 2p North Italy Luc by kaylabuglovesgenesis
Luciano~ by positiivity
Hetalia x Homestuck crossover by TheLittleWaterDragon
2p!Japan by herumeru
Nyojapan by Saphira96
2p Japan by Saphira96
2P Kiku by kokkonamaraume
2p Prussia Design by TheBusLives
Other Countries
2p lithuania again by TheBusLives
Groups + Couples
APH - Merry Christmas  by Chantalwut
2p Nyo England by Chrixty
MMD, 3D Models
Ask 4 by BloodyLuciano
Sketches, Doodles, Minimal Color
Allen and the Kaijus by Im-a-Love-Killer
Anthropomorphic, Animals, Mochi, Non-Human
2P China by McDip-Art
Cyber AU strip 2p Oliver awake by MileShrud7
Arts and Crafts
Little 2p America plush~ by spexylexylove
Gia Atheistic by QueenCyraosRose
Mature Content

Mature Content


Vietnam worries by jt-designs-123 Vietnam worries :iconjt-designs-123:jt-designs-123 13 7 APH 2p Japan by jt-designs-123 APH 2p Japan :iconjt-designs-123:jt-designs-123 27 1 2p!HetaOni - Chapter 13 Part 4 by Starrulet 2p!HetaOni - Chapter 13 Part 4 :iconstarrulet:Starrulet 9 2
~Pt.3~ 2p!England x Reader - Masqueraded Meeting
ƈɦǟքȶɛʀ 3 - զʊɛֆȶɨօռֆ
(A/n) - I will warn you right at the beginning, this is chapter isn’t quite as nicely polished as I hoped it would be. I apologize for the fact that this chapter seems a little rushed and that Oliver is quite ooc in these first few chapters, but fear not his true self shall soon emerge…
With the banns having be completed without objections and the contract signed, I officially was Oliver Kirkland’s wife. The wedding feast was upon us, I sat at the head of the table, Oliver beside me, both of us accepting the many congratulations. Around us garlands of white flowers hung between the pillars wrapped in white silk, same coloured cloth was spread on table before us. It was a rather extravagant celebration, many guests were invited; though most if honestly asked did not care much for the matrimony, rather they cared for the hopes of gaining power and riches f
:iconmisamie:Misamie 7 13
~Pt.2~ 2p!England x Reader - Masqueraded Meeting
ƈɦǟքȶɛʀ 2 - քʀօքօֆǟʟ
(A/n) - So far I am quite happy writing this story, it is fun to manipulate characters in different ways. This story is a nice way to restart I find and it is simple to write now that I have a plan in place. But gosh is it difficult to work with all the titles and prefixes of old, please correct me if you find something wrong with them. Now, I hope you all enjoy this chapter…
This was the first time I had seen Kirkland without a mask covering his face, his blue eyes seemed larger now and I could finally take note of the freckles around them and on his nose. He looked to be a very innocent young man and I felt fortunate to be engaged with him. As always an enjoyable smile was on his face, rather than wearing the formal clothes I had met him in he dawned a simple black suit, a beaver hat discarded beside him.
“I find it ironic that we have only met each other twice, h
:iconmisamie:Misamie 5 9
~Pt.1~ 2p!England x Reader - Masqueraded Meeting
ƈɦǟքȶɛʀ 1 - ɛռɢǟɢɛɖ
(A/n) - Might I add that this is more of a practice story for my own benefit, I apologize for the mistakes present. I thought this might be useful information for you all, now enjoy…
It had been two long years since my encounter with Kirkland, though the day we met seemed like yesterday. I still remembered his peculiar blue eyes and odd posture clearly, I was never quiet sure why it unsettled me. In the spare moments of my day I would often catch myself thinking back to our dance, wishing for us to repeat it once more. It was no secret that I thought of him, my father found out rather quickly, catching me daydreaming in the middle of one of his speeches. He was happy to see me in such a state, though of course it didn’t matter to him how I felt, it was much more the hopes of furthering himself. Though I took no mind of him, he never had interest in my wellbeing and as long as
:iconmisamie:Misamie 7 3
~Prologue~ 2p!England x Reader Masqueraded Meeting
քʀօʟօɢʊɛ - ʍɛɛȶɨռɢ
(A/n) - I’ve been looking forward to this story, I hope most of you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Finally I’ve done what I should certainly do for each of my future stories… a chapter plan and character base, I can already tell this will help me a lot. Anyways enough of my rambling, on with the story.
The room was filled with vibrant colours. Everywhere I looked extravagant skirts swayed and intricately adorned masks flashed, the faces of people obscured by my own domino. It was truly a grand masquerade, I smiled gleefully at the many people dancing in the large room. The tall pillars supporting the elaborate ceiling were ornately decorated in red to complement the family crest’s white and gold. Multiple candelabra were placed around the hall, the individual candles giving the ballroom a flaxen gleam. Couples danced in sync to the walt
:iconmisamie:Misamie 16 0
Allen F. Jones by ManiacalVolt Allen F. Jones :iconmaniacalvolt:ManiacalVolt 157 69
Where they got it from- part 5
Partners for life

“Mother-fucking asshole. Hah. He-huff- should. My god. Do this, SHIT. Himself!” grumbled a certain [h/c] teen who was dragging some logs from the dense forest back home. She hated the cold, and more so that her father was too fucking ‘busy’ to help out.
With a final tug she went tumbling into the snow, with a cry she turned onto her back, panting as she gazed up at the trees. Her lip trembled as the knot in her chest tightened and her throat constricted. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Her eyes shut tightly and she steadied her rapidly beating heart.
Having lain there for over 15 minutes the girl thought it best to get up and start moving again however a whimper interrupted her thoughts. Am I seriously crying?  After checking she wasn’t the one whimpering the young girl started to look around in search of the noise, the logs long forgotten.
Hearing it
:icondragon-soul-fury:Dragon-Soul-Fury 8 0
Oliver Kirkland Big BowTie Accessory by TyrantRhys Oliver Kirkland Big BowTie Accessory :icontyrantrhys:TyrantRhys 14 6 2p!Hetalia RPG Maker - 2p!England sprites by chi171812 2p!Hetalia RPG Maker - 2p!England sprites :iconchi171812:chi171812 146 17 2p!Hetalia RPG Maker - 2p!France sprites by chi171812 2p!Hetalia RPG Maker - 2p!France sprites :iconchi171812:chi171812 88 1 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 1 by HetaliaMrsSpain 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 1 :iconhetaliamrsspain:HetaliaMrsSpain 1,377 355 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 2 by HetaliaMrsSpain 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 2 :iconhetaliamrsspain:HetaliaMrsSpain 702 97 2p!Arthur by TetoTerritory 2p!Arthur :icontetoterritory:TetoTerritory 449 202 10inch 2p!England Hetalia plush Anime Doll by chi171812 10inch 2p!England Hetalia plush Anime Doll :iconchi171812:chi171812 30 11


Hey..., long time no see ^^;

It's me, ya girl, Angela, again. Sorry for not making a month theme for the past two months. I could give my reasons, but I figure we just go straight in to the challenge.

It's all ready October, man time flew so quickly, and ya'll know what that means! Yep, inktober! So, this theme will revolve around this to inspire your art and literature involving the 2p!characters.

The Theme of October 2018:

Black Ink Memory

Simple enough, eh? You can use ink and traditional art this theme, or you could be creative and use a different medium or write a story revolving around this title! I hope you enjoy and participation this month, whether it is with this theme or with the inktober challenge itself. Have fun, creators!

Create and inspire new memories in and with your art and literature prowess!

:iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz: :heart:   :heart:   :heart:         :iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz:
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