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Ubuntu 11

By 2of3
Make your windows 7 look like ubuntu 11.4!

I have done my very best to stay true to the theme and keep it as authentic as possible by using the correct fonts and colors wherever I could. One obvious deviation would be the scrollbars. I "borrowed" the look from an earlier version because the v11.4 scrollbars don't really work well in a windows environment.

Thanks to RedneckDude for supplying me with ample screenys. And thanks also to both him and xiandi for testing along the way!

Remember to install the ubuntu fonts for the correct look:…

IP shown in screeny is here:…

UPDATE 09.03.13: By popular request, I have changed the taskbar buttons so that it is easier to differentiate between pinned items and running items.
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can't you do a .theme file for this? or is not posible?
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It is probably possible but I only do Windowblinds skins.....and not that many of those anymore.....semi retired
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ok, I understand.
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How to install the Theme?
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you need windowblinds 8,
Fabiothekiller465's avatar
._. i have windows 7 :\
WeActOnImpulse's avatar
1. It's for Windows 7
2. (Excluding the now outdated and insecure Windows 98) Windows 7 is the best version of Windows.
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It Also works great on windows 8 too.
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Glad to hear it!
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Great! Thanks for update
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Thanks a lot for getting back to this skin and letting me know! Great job :)
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Nice theme, like it a lot. I only wish that running programs has kind of background, to see that they are actually running.
I'd love to give it a try, but windowblinds? I used it more than 10 years ago on Windows XP, I don't want to install extra software just for the sake of a skin.
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I hear that you got the New Mail Notification sound from Trillian, right?
how to install it
Would be great if it didn't need windowblinds to run.

Windowblinds is a pay for use application as well, which kinda goes against the whole ubuntu thing :C

I'm forced to use windows for work but was hoping for some free theme to make it a little easier and remind me more of "home".
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I have no controll over the fact that Stardock charges a yearly fee for the software. The skins is free....that's the best I can do for ya ;)
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Hehe, time on clock is "13:37"
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I'm an idiot obviously......I don't know of the significance of 13:37. But since you are the second to say it, there must be something about that time?
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