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Joker and Harley

By 2ngaw
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After Alex Ross.
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Wasterbull Digital Artist
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Blackmoonrose13Professional Digital Artist
I took a stab at coloring this I hope you like it fav.me/daxi0u2
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DorshiffeHobbyist General Artist
so gross, you made them as they are supposed to be..
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goodgrace1Professional Digital Artist
Now this got sit up in my chair
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Fantastic! Amazing work on details like Her belt, gloves and Joker teeth. Great!
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BryanSevillaProfessional Digital Artist
Galing grabe!
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
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The-PsychonautStudent Filmographer
 I'm very skeptical of these actors. Not because of their skills, but because of the writing involved in this production. It just feels like somebody googled DC villains minutes before cranking out this script. The Joker---while gorgeously drawn here---doesn't vibe like the clown king of mayhem we've all grown to love for his hilarious sado-maniacal flair. Leto's joker just feels like a run-of-the-mill crazy street punker. I'm not impressed. 

 "We're bad guys: it's what we do!" Really? And I thought, "Oh, I"m not gonnuh kill yuh. I'm just gonnuh hurt yuh really, really bad!" was a winner. Sigh. Who wrote this thing? 

 Still, great job, man. As always your work is impeccable. 
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2ngawProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, man.
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I totally agree about how joker looks
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The-PsychonautStudent Filmographer
 I think Harley looks great, but that's because Harley Quinn has worn clothes like that; but then there's her WRITING! Augh! Licking prison bars!? I'm sorry, have the writers never watched Harley Quinn!? Is this the same asshole who wrote her in 'Birds of Prey'!? 
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I really wish her costume like from arkham series,and deathstoke better be in that movie
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Atlas0Professional Digital Artist
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anime1999Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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EclecticMantaProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome work!
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temukenseStudent Digital Artist
Is it ok if y try to color it?
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2ngawProfessional Digital Artist
Of course! 
PSD link here. d.pr/f/1h0af
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temukenseStudent Digital Artist
Awesome Thanks! :D
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andikoaryaHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work! :D
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jactinglimProfessional General Artist
haha nice reference
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AZTECH2009Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing work!
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Love the use of negative space! And the fine detail is amazing!
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NagatocchiHobbyist Traditional Artist
so beautiful !!
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