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Gokitomo: Episode 7 Inspired Poster

For those who're into nostalgia, here's a quick Episode 7 inspired poster with the characters from Questor Magazine's Gokitomo. 
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one of the greatest in PH. Your art has influenced my style when I started drawing.
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WOW! That work is Stunning!!!!!!

Perfect lineart and awesome concept! Perfect work on anatomy of all characters!
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Looking really good, great work!
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I find this really cool but.... Is that dude holding a giant fly swatter .
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Cool cover art 💕💕💕
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Miss ku na to. Gokitomo!!! anu kc nangyari bkt wla ng gokitomo?
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My goodness your lines are exquisite. It always seems a long time between your posts, but your work motivates me to improve pretty much every time I see it! Amazing job on this. 
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Thanks and I'm glad I could inspire somehow. Work eats up my time. ;)
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Haha, I'll bet. Good to be busy though dude! Keep fighting the good fight.:D
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what is this, i need to know more about it
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It's basically a high school kid with a cockroach for a friend. There's also a Sentai guy with a cockroach themed costume. 
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Beautiful drawing!!
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Oh my God. I just died, sir. Thanks!!!
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Dude seriously- your work is fantastic all around- That Furiosa AMAZE!!!
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They look different compared to how I remember them.
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Haha! I know! I don't remember all the details anymore and my style has changed since then.
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I just rechecked my old copies of Questor. Looks like you used to draw them in a more simpler shonen style, which makes them look a lot younger compared to how you draw them now.
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