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I don't know if this has been done but while walking, I saw a poster for the new Dragon Ball. I thought Frieza could look like he was wearing a suit so the idea started from there. I just had to get this off my system so I quickly drew this as a release.
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Hello! May I please use this picture for a youtube video on my videogames channel? I want to start streaming dragon ball fighterz content :)

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Hi i just found someone using this pic and put their group name above your work in Facebook and i think they didn't ask you about this
if you want to report them i can send you the evidence.

This pic is great Freiza looks so cool
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Oh wow this is great! Truly goood!
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HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS!! I can't pick a favorite part of this design, it's all so good! The "tail"coat, the way the vest and epaulettes mimic the purple biogems, the shoes that suggest a three toed foot.... And that hair is an inspiration to me personally XD What a fancy, smug little bastard, I love him. Your art is FANTASTIC <3
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This is still one of my favorite depictions of Human Frieza. It's awesome!
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This is very clever and very well executed. What a great design!!!!! Loooooooove!!!! :-)
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Frieza looks great on suit, amazing job!
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He almost reminds me of the Joker. Really good look.
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I have seen I lot of humanoid Friezas and this will always be my most favorite :iconcrai-plz:
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finally  I'v found the original artist xD
aghhh you have no idea how much I love this When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)  :heart:

umm do you mind if I draw him like this?
I'll surely credit you :iconp4imnothappyplz: Heart 
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Thanks! Do what you want, I just want to see after you've done it! :)
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Aghh thank you :iconpapmingplz: :heart:
I'll mention you when I post it then c:
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I want the tie to be purple too so bad. Maybe I don't have any tastes.
But this whole reimagination of one of my best characters are just fantastic!
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Haha! I would've colored the tie in purple too but that would ruin the color blocking of Frieza.
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Have you considered doing Cell?
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Yes... I'm having a hard time translating him to a human being. Haha!
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Here are some thoughts

He is a clone of Frieza and looks like a bug version of Frieza, so you can use some of his looks
He was made by a member of the Red Ribbon Army, so you can give him a military look
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Saw your beautiful Frieza rendition, and immediately imagined him in this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG3PnQ…
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LOL!!! Perfect!

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Huh... looking at him as a human make Frieza look like a little brat.
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