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Cowboy Bebop

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A sexy Faye Valentine cover for a local anime magazine. I lost the original file so I wasn't able to take out the masthead. Sorry. Spike is from a screen cap.
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Faye Valintine1 the hottest bounty hunter in the solar system!!
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heey! i knew this local magazine from couple of years ago!
Was this cover art published. I think not. The local (pa-conservative)
peeps would say its too sexy for a cover magazine (those hypocrites... lols)

Anyway, still a cool piece u made. Thumbs-up!
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Believe it or not, it was published. :)
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sexy? not cool)) original is better
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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey i remember this magazine!!!
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ne~ is this the issue where Spike and Faye won as the Sexiest Male and Female Anime character??
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That looks AWESOME but I hope you know boys are gonna drool over that she looks so hot.
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All this does is make Faye look cheap, mainly due to way her face is drawn. If you tweak with that she would loo sexy in my opinion.
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Fayes nipples always seem to defy the odds.
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/clap Faye looks HOTTER than possible
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BOOOM , F'ing bombshell
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So sexy :) , I like the eyes, looks pretty
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