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Here's a human version of Cooler. I don't know why he's holding his ass. I wasn't going to finish it in one sitting but it just flowed.
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ah, he reminds me Garou from one punch man
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Not that impressive, sorry
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Don't be an asshole.
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I wasn't trying to be

When I see Cooler I think sophisticated, clean cut and mature. This just looks like a rave surgeon
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This version of Cooler is ruthless. Not proper at all. 
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Above all, I see Cooler as a better Frieza
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I posted this an your Frieza picture on my FB page about DBZ. Hope you don't mind I credited and linked to both pictures. I love your work you are very talented. Keep it up and Id love to see more!

If you wanna check out the page to see where I posted them it is facebook.com/hipstervegeta
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Thanks and no problem!
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Now all we need is one of King Cold
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I love these, it's like seinen dbz
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This is brilliant, ass and all. XD
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he's holding his ass from a fractured hip; the last time Goku kicked it!
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Hmmm... Cooler as the Bad Boy, Frieza as Daddy's Boy... how would Cold be...?
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Mafioso, maybe?
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That would work.
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