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Concept for Something

By 2ngaw
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Here's a concept for something. She will undergo some tweaks so this wont be the final look. 
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you are a fantastic comic artist! keep going the only place left to go is up! :)
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Awesome drawing, color ... topic!!
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Great work! :D 
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P.P.S. You can totally show Finn's armor if you want. Nothing would make me happier. 
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This something definitelly looks something...
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just dont tweak the dog it already looks awesome
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What a cute dog haha. Nice work :)
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I think that you must make the burned side of her face more damaged and horrific cause as it is it makes her cute and makes me want to hug her and protect her....though i think that the dog has the protecting job covered.
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holy rottweiler. i love this
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Great job! I enjoyed the idea of her having burning scars.

It is just me or she is floating?
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I've always felt drawing feet flat on the ground is kind of... boring. Since this is fantasy, we can get away with it from time to time. I could've drawn her in heels... Dang it.
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Yeah fantasy can help a lot for stuff like this. The feet are good, it was just the position I felt a little of :P

The only downside of her floating is the loose of "weight". With her feet on the floor I think she could look more strong.

Anyway this is just detail, the art is good and people will like it :D
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Awesome! Sexy and badass as DarkEve said
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Amazing and badass.
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Thanks, guys! Sorry for having the most creative titles ever.
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Well, it's pretty obvious whoever puts the moves on this gal is going to have to be a dog lover, big time.
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I really like tho colors!! :)
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Awesome, brilliant pair.
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