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8: Revealed Truth - V.T.S. 3
8: Revealed Truth
The setting sun glows a deep orange as its grinning face begins to fade into that of cosmic slumber. In the streets of Death City, a reunion was to take place, a family to be united, and an adventure to be concluded. On the cracked sidewalks, the girl with the silver hair gently hugs the small creature in her arms. It purrs with content and excitement of being together with her family once more. The young man walking next to them in urban camouflage and an empty backpack is silent; his mood is less than content, more in the realm of concentration and alertness. Although Death City was home to the DWMA and Lord Death himself, it didn't mean it wasn't any different than any other metropolitan in the nation. Sure it's slightly safer due to the residents of the academy, the presence of malice is still present; even more so since Asura's escape, and his defeat yielded little effect to those on the streets.
"Kina," the meister asks, "How's Violet doing?"
Kina looks over wit
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Mass Effect: Dark Life - Drell Rescue Pt. 3
At hangar fourteen, a small group of Batarian guards patrol the area on the lookout for the Drell and those who helped him escape. Just now they also learn that the Human who freed the Drell, also freed two Turian slaves as well; they are ordered to shoot and kill any and all of them if they are found. Some distance away, behind a pile of large crates, Kina looks around the corner to observe the area. She looks back over her shoulder and sees the two Turian slaves still next to her, not making any sound whatsoever. As Kina looks back at the hangar she begins to think to herself, 'What is taking Felix so long? That idiot didn't even tell me what the signal was. How am I suppos-' her thought is interrupted by a loud explosion erupting on the other side of the station. A fireball reaching into the sky draws the Batarian group towards it, leaving the hangar completely empty. Kina would've been surprised by the explosion herself, but she knew that if Felix was going to create a distr
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Mass Effect: Dark Life - Drell Rescue Pt. 2
The crowd, now just realizing what had just happened, begins to protest at the atrocity they have just witnessed. The masses begin shouting curses, throwing things at the stage, and ultimately, get the attention of the guards. As Kina looks behind her to find armed Batarians begin to make their way into the crowd, she rushes onto the stage and aligns herself against Felix's back, her pistol already out of its holster.
She aims it at the crowd and shouts, "Anyone tries anything and they're dead!" Her action causes most of the crowd to disperse, however, in the corner of her visor she sees a slaver begin to pull out their sidearm from behind him. She quickly turns, aims, and lands a headshot before the slaver could even aim down the sight. He lands in a pool of his own blood; the action causes the crowd to panic and the guards to hurry towards the stage with the intent to kill.
The Drell looks up at Felix with confused eyes and asks in a calmed tone, "I am free... why?"
"I couldn't let h
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Mass Effect: Dark Life - Drell Rescue Pt. 1
The gunship hailing from the MSV Infamy zooms towards the bustling station; her crew readies their gear and checks their weapons. As Kit directs the ship past larger vessels in an attempt to find a place to land, Felix addresses the rest of the group.
"Ok everyone this is what we're going to do: Kit, you're watching the Mantis; Gunner and Alesia will go and get the supplies; Kina and I will try to find any upgrades we can add to the Infamy." Felix turns towards Alesia and Gunner, taps on his headset and continues, "Once you guys get the supplies, radio in and wait at the ship. Remember, this station is filled with slavers, mercenaries, and thugs, so no one try to cause any problems. If anything happens use radio contact. Everyone clear?"
The group nods their heads in agreement as the gunship begins its descent on a vacant landing pad. The hatch doors open and the group steps out of the ship. Almost immediately they are taken aback by what they see: transport shuttles unloading dozens o
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Mass Effect: Dark Life - Quarian Arrest Pt. 2
The alleys and corridors of the wards was a very familiar setting for detective Malkan. As a child growing up in its various districts, he memorized  a mental map of almost every location. This trait proved to be very useful in his current situation. As his pursuit begins his eyes focuses solely on his target. A Quarian female, suit color mostly black, with some parts of her suit being red, the seams are silver to white. Now that he knows what his target looks like his eyes start dashing around, scanning his environment for any signs of a short-cut. Suddenly the Quarian makes a sharp left turn into an alleyway; Felix does the same. As he turns into it, the next thing he sees is the Quarian's fist. It makes contact with his cheek and causes him to lose his balance and fall.
The Quarian takes a quick glance to see that her pursuer is disorientated and begins running again. She takes only two steps then suddenly falls forward. She looks behind her and finds the human holding her
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Mass Effect: Dark Life - Quarian Arrest Pt. 1
Felix's feet scuffle along the stained metal beneath him as he causally strolls to a corner of the Citadel's marketplace. He scans the crowd and observes the multitude of different species as their cultures and languages surround him. He lifts his hand and covers his yawn from onlookers as he leans back against a wall further away from the kiosks. After which he fishes through one of his pockets; the tips of his fingers begin to feel the outline of his badge. As he wipes his thumb against the face of the badge he is able to make out the engraving in his head; 'Felix Malkan, Officer of Citadel Security, Investigation Division'. He takes a deep breath as the feeling of accomplishment and pride sink in; it was rare for someone to enlist into Citadel Security without much military or combat experience. His eyes close as a memory of his childhood fills his vision. He sees himself holding the same shaped badge, but the writing on it is different. The engraving on the badge holds the n
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22: Inseperable
The cool, crisp September morning yields little comfort to the driver of a certain dune buggy as it rolls along the back roads of Nevada. Despite being in the desert Takashi finds himself wearing his DWMA hoodie and a pair of cotton gloves. The dune buggy isn't fitted yet for colder weather, or rain, which meant that either of the two had a clear shot at anyone in it. The meister, with one hand on the wheel and the other hanging from the side, looks at the grass on the side of the road. The morning dew reflecting the sun's rays make it sparkle in the light; one positive of Monday mornings.
'Damn, why did Gunz want to have our soul resonance practice sessions so early? Seven in the morning and I haven't eaten a thing; I just wish that I cou-' before he can finish his thought, something catches his eye. In the grass near the road's guardrail, a small furry creature pops up into the air, its tail facing the pavement. The meister jerks on the wheel to make sure he doesn't hit the th
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Mass Effect: Dark Life Ch. 6
After the day's events draw to a close, Felix and Momira take a shuttle to Felix's housing complex. At his apartment, the pathway underneath their feet, a welcoming source of warmth and security, yield little solace to either of them. Felix tumbles his pass-card about in his pocket as his nerves begin to falter through the thought of returning to an empty home. He doesn't want to see it, but he knows he'll have to, sooner or later; from now on, he'll have to go through this process for the rest of his life.
Momira, still waiting behind him, begins to worry; the urge to just put her hand on his shoulder and comfort him tries to take hold. She resists, knowing that such actions are 'unprofessional' in her line of work; that's how it always was and how it will always be. Still, the aching silence around them imposes a feeling of weariness as if she had walked through the entire Citadel, even though the trip from C-Sec headquarters was fairly short.
After what feels like an eternity
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66: The Comeback - V.T.S. 2
The wooden door quietly closes and locks behind Kina and Takashi as the two return from their outing. For the past four hours the weapon and meister have been driving all around town, placing "Found" flyers on the cabbit they rescued just a few days ago. Exhausted from the work, they head over to the living room sofa, dropping whatever flyers that were in their hands onto the floor, and plop themselves between its cushions. The soft pillows instantly numb and relieve the aches and strains on their bodies.
"That took forever." Kina sighs, pushing a strand of her snow colored hair behind her ears. She looks over to her meister, still straining with exhaustion, "How many fliers did we put up?"
The meister takes a deep breath, pushes himself off of the sofa, and walks over to the fridge. He fishes through its contents and eventually pulls out two sodas and returns to the couch. Slumping back into the soft cushions he exhales with relief, following up with handing one of his sodas to his pa
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Every time, every time! I come back and I miss another year. I missed all of 2015 (crazy year) and I'm back for 2016. Hopefully I can find some time in between work and gaming to submit something on DA. Whether it's an unfinished story or a new project, I want to get something posted this year. I'm looking at my stats below... not that much has changed.
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